I recently switched from the Romaleos 2 to the new style Romaleos 3 Weightlifting shoe. This video highlights an in depth review of the new style Nike Romaleos. I also hit a big front squat set of 3 at 110kg!

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  1. never skimp on shoes – Id grab the 3's just cause of any improvements. When I bought my 2's I was blown away and Im still pretty much a beginner at the 2 year mark

  2. Heavyyyy review… Defiantly gotta give them a shot, my gym shoes need an upgrade. But the big question is can Pope still flip? If she can she is the female vibey version of Jujimufu. for the dream, much love and positivity your way. Good Vibes and High fives.

  3. Awesome review! I just bought a pair of the Romaleos 3 and was considering returning them because of how tight they were around the toe, but now knowing they stretch out a bit I'll definitely give them a few more tries! Also, is there anything specific you've done for your ankle mobility that's really helped? I've had a bajillion ankle sprains and my ankle mobility is really limited as well. Thanks for making the video!

  4. Pope I would like to ask a question professionally I don't wanna sound like a pervert. Anyways I am a personal trainer myself and almost 100% of my clients what they always wanna work on is their Asses. So my question is u have probably the best Ass in the business do u born with that or doing lifting and squats build it?? Please it will really help me out and give me more knowledge or ideas to help others

  5. On the subject of equipment, you should do a “review” on the rules for competition (local vs. international level if there’s any difference). Any sort of brands that are allowed vs not, like in the IPF.

  6. Hey Kris, curious  I purchased a pair of lifters and the toe box is really tight. like my toes touch the front, but they are kind of scrunching horizontally. is this right? should I get a bigger size?

  7. Thanks for this! TOTALLY AGREE about beginners not needing to buy every piece of equipment they see an elite lifter use. You can't buy strength!! That said, I used adipowers for years before I switched. I tried the romaleos 3 and my impression was that the 3s are an improved version of the adipowers. The shape, the flexibility in the toe, the weight of the shoe, plus the single strap all reminded me of the adipower. I wound up going with the 2s because I needed more width in the toe box and because they feel more stable, but damn the 3s look good!

  8. They look like a mix between cyclist shoes and five-a-side shoes.
    Since Adidas has been launching sport shoes with no laces (like the new soccer shoes) , I wonder how much time will pass until they will available even for other sports and by other brands like Nike.

  9. Can you do a video on online trainers for beginners? Or any other training options. I just started lifting and want to compete but I only have 2-3 days to train a week because I travel a lot for work so I’m interested in other training options.

  10. Cool review pope didn’t like the 3s at all felt like they were made for looks not the way they work! I really think u should give the Reebok lifters a try imho the new romaleos are shit! Unless ur sponsored by Nike then go for them

  11. Completely agree with the toe box thing. felt like the first few weeks I had them my feet were being crushed and would get sore. love the shoe overall (my first lifting shoe ever), but I am disappointed in how easily the tongue on the shoes tear.

  12. now that you mention it, I was looking at your knees the entire time you were lifting. I'm almost the exact opposite as you, my ankles are super mobile where as everything else is meh. I wear the adidas powerlifts just to help out a little since I have longer legs and a short torso.

  13. meanwhile russian lifters break records in old worn and ripped 9 years old adidas adistar, those are some great oly shoes for sure, If I had them I would not want to throw them away either, I could literally see holes in those shoes and lifters would still lift in them

  14. I have many weightlifting shoes. If you have ankle mobility problems and you love Romaleos 2, then ANTA is the best pick. If you want lighter shoes, than Leistungs 2, becouse they have higher effective heel height. Overall i do beliave that ANTAs are the most likely the best shoe on the market, but they are pretty heavy.

  15. READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY…  I'm putting out this information on a few posts for those looking to buy a pair of the Romaleo 3's.  The Rubber sole on the Left Shoe at the heel started to peel up last week.  I've only been using the shoes for about 4.5 months now and still have my 2's that I used for over two years.  I take very good care of my belongings and my 2's are in great condition if not almost like new.  But I always felt they were little heavy so when the 3's came out I watched a couple videos, and when they went on sale I said frig it and bought a pair.  I do love the lighter and more flexible 3's with the single strap, but am disappointed in the build quality. 
    I live in Ontario Canada and for some reason Nike Canada signed a contract giving only one Authorized dealer for the whole province, and not even Nike stores can sell them in Ontario.  Now I contacted the dealer who was very polite and informed me that he had very little stock.  He said mine weren't the first pair to have this issue and offered to fix them for me.  I live about 100 km away from his gym and am pretty handy.  So I went ahead and got some Shoe Glue (the original brand not a knock off) and fixed the heel.  I've trained in them a couple times and looks like the repair will hold up.
    I also contacted Nike Canada who said I had to send them in to be looked at and they would decide if they would replace them under the 2 year warranty.  Well this can take from 4 – 8 weeks and since I fixed them I've decided to keep using them hoping to get another year out of them.  But Nike doesn't have a email where you can forward information on product issues, which doesn't make much sense.
    So hears my advice if your looking at the Romaleo 3's maybe hold off for another six months and see if Nike makes any changes to the shoe.  I've heard there's also issues with the tongue breaking so I can only hope that Nike will modify the shoe to improve the quality.

  16. the best weightlifting shoes I ever saw was German shoes really well made good support and strong very suitable for lifting give them a go Pope and you'll never anything else they really support your weight very well good luck

  17. How do you become more "snappy" under the bar? I am a beginner, and I feel I have decent technique but I feel I am very slow to get under the bar. any suggestions/advice? also you're adorable

  18. Kris you are amazing beautiful and strong! And to the guy who said girl version of jujimufu as much as I love and respect juji in the fitness industry I dont think he would be half as pretty as this girl but just as talented!


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