Natural Body Building Zack McGuirk
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  1. people talk shit about ifbb pros who use anabolic steroids, they have the natural muscle building genetics to surpass the regular person. the steroids are only used to advance what is already there.

  2. just because you're angry that you may have shit for genetics doesn't give you the right to criticize someone for theirs.

    he is not on SHIT and if he is, then that's a fucking pathetic excuse for a steroided up physique my friend.

    you and the rest of the general population have such a distorted view on what steroids actually look like. It's a puffy, almost fat look to your face, and unless you do insane cardio, a ridiculous belly.

    screw you sir, i'm going home.

  3. could be natural, but probably not. it looks insane because of his fat percent but he honestly ain't that big. i reckon this guy is in his early twenties, and i know guys around that age who are a lot bigger and natural for sure.

  4. Awesome Zack! Amazing achievements! Good luck with upcoming comp.
    Like to simple routines you seem to use. Thanks for sharing. Oh.. and I agree with canonmuscle: "2:20 i love it". Incredible pecs, dude.


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