People are shocked at how small natural bodybuilders look on stage. Most compete between 160 to 175 pounds.

You can’t have the best of both worlds as a natural. Either you chase being ripped at the expense of muscle, and look like a twig, or you walk around at a more reasonable body fat level and look a little beefier.

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  1. Only an old man who uses steroids would say that, I have won my last NPC SHOW the heavy weight BODYBUILDING DIVISION NATURALLY, shut the fuck up weak steroid user who couldn't make on his own.

  2. I'm 5 foot 8 150lbs and shredded but I climb and cut trees for a living my problem has always been putting weight on not trying to cut down..any suggestions to get the weight up I was told I get 30 my weight would go up then others said you get 40 your weight will go up I'll be 46 this September and I'm still 150lbs and climb trees for a living people think I'm about 28 I want to get more mass is it possible to enhance for a short period legally and also keep the mass or most of it?

  3. The reason natural bodybuilders don't look as good as the old champs is the conditioning requirement. OF COURSE they're "small" given they're held to the same standard for being "shredded" as guys on every imaginable form of drug to help them achieve such. Looking at the 1964 AAU Mr. America recently reminded me of how many guys in today's natural shows simply don't belong because–once that lean–they can't possibly hold onto enough muscle to look like anything–or build it in the first place. The old guys–while smoother–looked much better than 90% of today's guys. And even if not all the guys from back in the day were entirely steroid-free, if they WERE on the comparatively stone-age versions of juice available back then, they neither overdid them to death (literally, in countless cases today), nor combined them with diuretics and whatever else today's pros do. Bill Pearl (especially a young, pre-bulking up Bill Pearl) looks better than everyone today. Everyone. Now you know.

  4. As a 40plus year old guy I’m glad I never got into gear. There is really no reason on planet earth to do that. Almost no one gonna make a dime body building. So if u wanna biggest guy in the bar, have a sick career checking ids at strip joint, or win a plastic trophy and seriously risk your health for it have at it! And everyone know exactly what geared guys are doing its painfully obvious. no one is fooled anymore. Stay healthy cause no gives a fuck how big u are accept you. live a long healthy life and F that non sense.

  5. You can look very good and huge as a Natural after like 6 years. But your diet has to be almost perfect, No alcohol, no sugar, No white bread. And You gotto workout 4 hours per week.
    Someone on steroids and growth hormones can look muuch better after like 1 year. IF he knows what he s doing in the Gym.

  6. I dont use, but I know enough about the statistics and the endocrine system to know that steroids, peptides and other hormones can be used in a safe and beneficial manner, professional bodybuilders, however, do not use them safely in the slightest – 2 mins walk away I can buy cigarettes and alcohol and hundreds of millions of people shove drugs up their nose, their mouths and in their lungs every weekend – least steroids have a positive aspect. Alcohol and cigarettes are far more harmful with zero benefits.

  7. I've got a question that I think would make for a great video…
    But it may require a little bit of research to answered…
    I have a very fast metabolism. And I've got terminal illeitis. I'm a 6'6" tall male wanting to gain mass and muscle. But I currently weigh around 160(which I feel I should be around the 265ish area instead)…
    What should I eat? How often should I eat? And what workout routine would I need to do from start till reaching that mark? As gaining weight has been an issue for me my whole life

  8. On 2018 bodybuilding is absolutely ridiculous and stupid….In my country and my gym 90 % of guys they lifting all heavy very heavy but only with the help of supplements like a lot of creatin all that stupid stuff….there are only a 10 % of me and other guys that they lift heavy and have a very healthy diet and life and we lift heavy like the other 90%percent…I workout for 3 years and I have build an impressive body…the 90% is working out to impress….we are working out because we want to be better than everybody else…why?because we want to be athletic…we training like athletes and we don't give a shit for everything else…

  9. Natural body building is a real accomplishment. Juiced up is a joke. Those muscles on juice are "rented" because yiu gotta guve em back when youre off your. cycle. And i dont even have to talk about health issues. Dont mock natural. I respect the sport but as,a lifelong natural i resent it being called a joke. Compare yourself to a natural when youre retired, then comment.

  10. The thing the most people wont get is: if youre a natural bodybuilder, youre probably not gonna have a career out of it. Usually natural bodybuilding is more of a hobbie and stuff like that other than building your career on it. Of course you can use that to leverage your career if you are a personal trainer or stuff like that, but let's face it, its really hard to get money from natural bodybuilding. And i think that's what most people dont get. I intend to compete naturally to see how can i get without any juice, but when it comes to results, that's just it, youre never gonna be able to be on a stage against enhanced fellas and steal the spot. Thanks for the video man, first time here, ill be sure to subs the channel. Hope you guys enjoy my contribuiton here as this comment. See ya

  11. true that. just lift, eat, and stay at about 15%, give or take 5%, and you will look strong, healthy and attractive (to normal people and to women). If you get down to that super shredded level, you will look like a holocaust survivor, you will feel like crap and if you take steroids and become a mass monster, you will just look gross and disgusting to normal people (including most women) and you will ruin your health. it's not a difficult choice. just stay normal. and reject the ridiculous standards of the body building community. that's not the real world.

  12. I completely agree with you about BF% and look. It depends on the body type and some guys just naturally suit a low body fat %. I'm more thinking people like Thai Boxers or whatever. But most guys look their best in that 10-20% range, depending on their size, shape, and other factors. And especially once you're over the age of 25 or 30 or so.

  13. Please sir i need your help
    I never use steroids and iam champion of Egypt 9 times and i want to joing in natural competition i looking for this competitions alit but i never find it so can you help me ?????

  14. This is the exact reason I changed from bodybuilding to power lifting. I like to have some mass… Even if I'm a little fluffy. 6.3" at 190 Lbs. (86kg) is an ideal comfy weight for me. Thank you for the post!

  15. Bro I’m not sticking a needle in my ass to look bigger and die at 30 from a heart attack sorry don’t fell like it. I’m sure there smarter than them steroid educed freaks that kill them selfs for some money and to look massive. They probably wunna like long and health.

  16. the key he mentioned to natural bodybuilding is to know your body and how it responds to diet, workout routine etc… my question to any one considering competing is why? I completed in 34 shows over 35 years and it was the performing in front of a crowd I enjoyed the most and that's what motivated me to complete in my 20's thru my 60's.


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