Mischa Janiec breaks the stereotypes of Natural Bodybuilding to describe how lifting weights helps people reach the best version of themselves. Namely through understanding the relationship between mental and physical fitness, recognizing self-reflection as a success driving attitude and learning that failure is a necessary step towards success.

Mischa Janiec is an Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Personal Coach and Pro Natural Bodybuilder from Switzerland. He became the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Federation Teen Class Champion in 2011 and won the Overall Title at the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Muscle Mayhem 2016. Apart from being a Pro Athlete, Mischa has become a famous European Social Media Influencer. He has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram and millions of views on his youtube channel. He is also the Co-founder of Profuel, a vegan supplement company, Chief Marketing Officer of a clothing company named ProBroWear and helps people get in shape with his Online Training Course “Lean Bulk System”. He also likes to travel around the world and giving his Internet Community insights of beautiful places like South America or Thailand.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


  1. What i came for: Natural bodybuilder experience, philosophies, great stories. Vs. What I got: The secret of the Saiyan races progress in power each time they reach near death

  2. If you have a bad back you should do yoga not bodybuilding. Lifting weights will make it worse, yoga will heal you especially if done in conjunction with green diet and exercise. After a rock climbing injury I wasted years with medical specialists of all kinds, then I discovered Yoga!

  3. I disagree with saying you having more confidence because as the better you look I find you become more insecure and a lot of bodybuilders who either have done bodybuilding or who I still doing bodybuilding have some type of underlying issue which is why they start in the first place.

    The better you look the more insecure you become. Welcome to fitness

  4. Jezuz Christ. This fake natty…. Why give this ahole the chance for his advertizing? By the way I am from Germany. I follow him and his social media mafia since years. He is a f.. liar.

  5. I had received a cancer surgery 2 years before, and I started to do natural bodybuilding after that, I'm not sure it can make me as health as others, but it really helped me to get a positive attitude.

  6. Bodybuilders are the biggest ever cringe worthy bullshitters put on the planet . They never let the truth get in the way of a story ,and as for the natural bodybuilders go ! Well lol lol lol

  7. Just to be devils advocate our meat is full of growth hormones and steroids so eating meat is not natural. But I’m glad he didn’t mention diet as diet has very little to do with it it’s all about attitude, hard work, will power and a desire for success….

  8. I'm doing this

    Day A: Pushups , planks, squat, lunges, weighted staircase 60 rounds
    Day B: Burpees, Mountain Climbers, planks, Dumbbell Deadlift, weighted staircase 60 rounds

    Eggs, tofu, Greek Yogurt, Almonds, Cucumber, Carrots, lettuce, Cabbage, celery, broccoli, lentils, green apples, spinach

    No gym Everything at home

    Am I on the right path? Its the first time I've started working out in my life.. Please suggest if in case I'm doing anything wrong.. Thanks in advance

  9. First of all you dont need to be in the gym to live longer and healthier, just ask a people who are above the age of 90, how may days they hit the gym?. This proves that gym workouts are just for showoffs.

  10. I feel like there's one person ghost writing all the TED talks. They all sound the same to me at this point. Can't stand it. It sounds so artificial and insincere.


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