Natural bodybuilding. This is the journey of my 12 week cut for my first ever bodybuilding competition in Pittsburgh, PA. Watch as I go from a fluffy 171.4lbs to a shredded 146.6lbs!

Final product with best posing starts at 4:03! But I do recommend watching the whole vid to get a real understanding for the progress and time it takes for this journey!

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Music: Gold by Doctor Vox


  1. That was your first competition!? Balance, Symmetry, Conditioning, you did great man. Don't know what you future plans are in the sport but I think you have a lot of potential! Liked and subbed! Check me out if you get a chance bro.

  2. Holy crap man. Damn shredded. Jealous. I'll probably never get that low! Doing a cut on my channel rn. Check it out if ya want, but I'm nowhere near as lean as you. This is insane hahah. Subbed just in case ya ever post informational vids on how you achieved this!!

  3. That is a great perspective on what a 12 week cut looks like, very well documented. Your transformation is insane in such a short period of time. Thumbs up from the east coast of Canada just subbed, check me out when you get a chance!


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