I started lifting about 7 months ago. When I started lifting I was about 160lbs at 6’2 (skinny as hell with a little beer gut even though I really don’t drink). After 5 month of lifting with no supplements I gained no more than 2-4 pounds and really did not see results good enough to keep going as I was putting in all this hard work only to feel discouraged. So you figure I was at about 162-164lbs from 160lbs after 5 months of lifting. In the last 2 months taking Tribulus, DHEA, and protein powder I have gained approximately 17 pound (solid 180lbs now). I first started taking Tribulus after hearing some guys in the gym talking about it. I looked it up when I got home, and after reading the reviews on varies sites which was mixed I went on to order it. I noticed strength and much better pumps in the first few days of taking it (along with some zits). I then proceeded to take protein shakes with another supplement called DHEA. The reason I gave DHEA a try was because some of the Tribulus reviews indicated taking DHEA with the Tribulus for max effect, plus it was cheap as hell. In any event, not sure if it’s some kind of placebo effect (don’t underestimate the power of the placebo effect) but I am happy with the results thus far and people at the gym have noticed the results from these past two months. In these past two months I have gained more stamina, strength, a better sense of well being in such a short time it is very noticeable. Please note that my gains of course are related to me eating more as well as I am hungrier now after lifting harder. I am also drinking more water, especially in the gym because i get more thirsty unlike before the supps. I will update in a month or two.

Below is a list of products I took:

US Amazon——-
Tribulus: http://amzn.to/1o8oxmt
DHEA by Swanson: http://amzn.to/1o8oDul
Protein Power: BSN True Mass- http://amzn.to/1o8p485

UK Amazon——-
Tribulus: http://amzn.to/1o8pNpG
Protein Power: BSN True Mass- http://amzn.to/1Sn3vxr

CA Amazon——
Protein Power: BSN True Mass- http://goo.gl/QixXHP

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  1. I went from 193 back down to 170lbs now since i stopped taking all the protein shakes and lifting. If you bet me $20,000 i assure you I can do it again in a couple months no mercy.

  2. No difference what so ever that i noticed. If you have fatigue, I say go for it. It did give me energy and a better sense of mood and improved my concentration. Also, its cheap as hell.

  3. Doesn't matter, it wasn't muscle.
    Message any pro bodybuilder on the planet and tell them that. They'll all roar with laughter and some of them will even bet you that 20 grand and throw you on a BMI device to show you it was all bloat and maybe 2 lbs muscle if you're lucky.

  4. @Jonny Deth i put on almost 30 in 2 months and slimmed down in my mid….i take creatine , gold standard whey , serious mass , casein , and alot of vitamins . my wife and everyone we know saw the difference in 2 months and got inspired , until i tell em they have to work out 6 days a week for hours a day

  5. Elated I uncovered this clip. Appreciate You tube for this type of content!!!My best friend used to be bullied. He stated he was intending to get bigger. I chuckled… Until inside of weeks he added 40lbs of absolute muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible (look in Google). Nobody dares to bully him these days.

    I personally subscribed earlier this week. See what goes on. Plus this guys emails are fucking interesting!

  6. do u think that would work for me im 6 ft 185 pounds. been lifting for over 2 years and im not seeing the results that i wont in the time frame that i wont do u think i could possibly reach 200 if i start taking that test booster? i thought about it and i have seen some side affects like more short tempered and when your older your body wont make test no more is that true u think? btw im only 17 a jr in highschool. i dont wont my life ruined by taking somthing to gain a edge…

  7. Tribulus does NOTHING, multiple real scientific tests have proven that it doesn't raise testosterone levels, or increase mass for ANYONE.
    It's just a huge scam.

    What I find funny is almost all the people that say it works have comments approved first… like they don't what people to know the truth, maybe it's just a YouTube ad campaign by people that sell this crap.

  8. you gained muscle because that always happens when you first start working out, if this had happened 5 years down the line i would believe tribulas does something

  9. Not shitting on you or the product, but you just started your lifting career, gains like these are normal for the first year or so. But every body is different, and your body reacts to different products differently if you know what im getting at. Keep them weights up!

  10. As many of you know, i stopped lifting and taking supps. Im in china now, with a different career and with a much different weight..im at 168lbs now. For all you naysays about saying its impossible to gain this much weight in such little time, put your money where your month is. I challenge anybody that i can gain at least 17lbs in 2 months. I weigh my myself now, then two month later i put myself on the same scale. $100,000USD bet..anybody!

  11. Damn dude, that was three months ago, but dont trip, I was on one that day, no excuse but we all say dumb shit once in a while!! Good progress, do what you do and dont listen to the negative comments, people have nothing better to do so they go on youtube and look for shit to rag on!! Good Job, good info!

  12. The answer is, stop taking shit that wont work. You want a test booster then you want steroids, you'd just rather spend your money on shit that doesn't work. Everyone has bought into this supplement scam.

  13. Every body responds to supplements differently and if you were getting zits after taking tribulus then thats a good sign his test levels were high. That's good taking the tribulus with dhea, getting better results from using more than one product. Keep it up, good results. I use to be 160 myself.

  14. Just to let your know, anything with soy raises estrogen, an u dont want that. I stack tribulus and dhea aling with dim. Dim is all natural and is found in brochely, it blocks estrogen.

  15. All comments are approved. And fat? I think perhaps you mean water weight. Either way I gained this weight.. Call if what you want but i got bigger, stronger, and toned up and was happy with the results.

  16. placebo buddy save your money and think positive about your training eat real food and educate yourself about macros nutrient diets.
    instead of what suppliments you should buy like another comment says your buying into the bullshit.
    i just stopped taking creatine and gained more muscle and increased my bench press by 10 kg

  17. discouraged after 5 months?!?! Lifting is not for you then bro…. I worked out first 3 years with simply protein and I loved lifting…. maybe your reasons for lifting are selfish…you should want to lift because you enjoy the pump…idk just my opinion…

  18. Nice vid man don't listen to the dickheads on here just keep lifting if there working for you then that's good don't listen to haters all prob just stir on the couch doing fuck all thinking they know what there talking about looking forward to the update!!!!

  19. Hey dude if the stuff is working and you're happy with it keep it up, I love these idiots that don't know somebody and never seen them but telling them that they didn't or can't do something. I watched the video and I don't remember you saying all your gains were muscle, just that you started gaining after the supplements. Some people just have to try to get in other peoples business, good luck man.

  20. good Job. I have been in the gym for almost a year now and to be honest testosterone boosters helped a lot too. I used to weigh 130 pounds and now I'm 150. and all the pounds i gained i kept. i was taking Halo Trophin and in the first week i saw amazing strenght gains. i will give that one a try too

  21. Thanks for the review…I live in Japan and many of these supplements are available here too but a bit more expensive.

    One thing I read about is the black maca – why don't you look it up.  It supposedly increases sperm count and helps produce testosterone – plus other beneficial effects.

  22. hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about weight lifting regimen try Basarto Weightlifter Warrior Blueprint (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.

  23. Great job man, but I would sugest you to start taking DIM to control estrogen and aromatization of your testosterone and also nettle rooth for SHBG contro
    With these supplements it would be important to include calcium glucorate and pepperine together

  24. Good vid.  I have been working out for 53 years, I am 67.  Just started taking DHEA so I will let you know.  I never believed much in supps either except for protein but recently stumbled across Rhodeola Rosea an herb that boosts endurance … works excellent.  Anyway so now I am experimenting with other things like DHEA and Nettle Root Extract to control estrogen.  We will compare notes in the future.  Keep up the working out, it will keep you young, I guarantee it.

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  26. No doubt you look better and someone can def tell you are starting to workout, however, if you gained 17 lbs in 2 months, its prob 10 lbs of fat and 7 lbs of muscle.  Nobody can gain 2 lbs of muscle per week unless youre on the sauce.

  27. great stack there bro from my experience the best supplement you are using in that stack is the dhea it will make you lean hard and muscular i should know i take 100 mg a day i do 3 months on 1 off with post cycle at the end

  28. @ILuvTrading, Just watched the video. Good info. Since the video is several years old are you still taking the DHEA and Tribulus or working out for that matter? I have been working out for almost a year with only protein supplement after workout but my progress has been very slow. Thinking about doing DHEA and Tribulus as well. Any update is greatly appreciated.

  29. Not Bad! IMO, I think as men we should learn to FIRST journey along the natural way in our bid to increase our man-drive as individuals. And the natural route here means lifestyle improvement. I mean we should be extra concerned about what we eat. We should be careful what we drink. We ought to pay attention to our emotional health, physical health and use of technology. Gosh, I recommend we watch this other video here: https://youtu.be/hYN6cw3WeCQ

    That video sure illustrates this point so powerfully. Fact is, getting our lifestyles right will definitely get our “manly” hormones bursting forth in full force and energy without any medical aid or need for pills. But of course, travelling the natural route as opposed to getting a quick fix (just like in most other things in life) will prove to be a bit more demanding and at times pretty darn slow. In that case I say, if you must go for a quick fix do it naturally too. Don’t go for some big-pharma jumbo pills. Those are usually loaded with harmful chemicals that may lead to serious side effects. A better option would be to go for natural testosterone production boosters made 100% with natural ingredients. Here’s a good video-example of what I’m talking about: https://youtu.be/aKs0twC9ISU

  30. I read if you have a good digestion system and can absorb the nutrients from protein,or take digestive enzymes, one can gain good muscle with lifting. I thought it takes years to add muscle, and most weight gained is from water-think creatine produced fullness.


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