Hypertrophy training in a nutshell. It’s really not complicated.

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  1. 3*10 for squats can be not bad volume but most of the guys I see working like that are or beginners with light weights or the a/b/c program guys who do it with 135-225 pounds. If they took 3*5 and another set of 10 with 75-80% weight they had the same volume but a good base to get stronger and add a bit weight every week or even twice a week.

  2. Real talk, Alex is one of the biggest naturals (for his height/build) on YouTube. Most of these clowns on this website take gear and push nothing but their T shirts and pre-workout.

  3. How to look like Mike Tyson in his prime?
    That would be an interesting video to watch.
    How to combine calisthenics/weighted callisthenics with some yolk building? Appreciate the content. Thank you. Stay blessed.

  4. The only compound movement I refuse to do is Barbell bench press. The only way to make strength gains on the bench press as a ripped guy is to eat more and gain more body fat. I switched to flat dumbbell bench press and my chest has grown more in 4 months than it has in 2 years of benching.

  5. to be honest, my legs could definitely be bigger. my upper chest is a little lacking. rear delts are small. now that i think about it, my arms are pretty tiny. traps could use some work. back could be more shredded.

  6. Guys and gals and everyone else, I can't hammer home enough how important recovery and reducing stress are. Last year I was snowed under with stress, trying to do way too much in my personal and professional life, while still training three times a week along with multiple martial arts classes. My system collapsed under the strain and now three sets of twenty bodyweight squats makes me sick and I can't recover. Fatigue is real, it will wreck you. Recover and find ways to relieve your stress! I'm living for the day I recover and can lift weights again without getting ill for days afterwards. Take care of yourselves.

  7. Hey man

    I recently just started doing rack pulls on 4 x 10 volume using 30 kg barbells. 40 kg is the heaviest weight i have right now. Should I try to reach 5 x 20 on the rack pull or wait until i get heavier weights? Hope you see this man

  8. you the man bro. since checked your content i got bigger. i dont watch many of your videos, because it actually isnt necessary. Low reps moderate/high weight that can be moved with good technique. and slowly progress with the weight. its so easy.
    in germany we say "ich feier dich". Keep moving my man, and may you be blessed cause you spread the truth.

  9. Hey man, put captions in Spanish, when I taught some friends about your work they where very interested, and I think they would be very glad with your info and ur program

  10. What are your thoughts on having a chest/shoulder focused upper body day where you do maybe 3 presses and 1 pull, then a back focused upper body day where you do 3 pulls 1 press?

  11. Yo Alex, 6 months to get ready for BUDs. Background: heavyweight powerlifter/ D1 Football player. Gyms cosed, im thinking high volume bodyweight 3x week (pullups, dips ,pushups…) and running everyday. Help me out bro!

  12. Be dysmorphic; like, in my youth, I wanted big biceps and what have you, but this, what you see now, is totally OTP. Nowadays my wallet matters more than my biceps. You reach a certain size and you just don't care anymore. But for the 11" arm guys, I can understand why this is important. Sheet, i just wish I'd realised how attractive skinny guys were to women in my youth. Like, taking my shirt off wasn't an embaarassment in those days.The women would just lust.

  13. I've just started going to the gym and I've begun with Jason Blaha's 5×5. Do you think this is a good program to build mass and strength fast or is there a different program you think is more effective?

  14. loving the fact he says stick to the basics, compound movements and get strong with those to increase size.

    I'm "newish" for strength training and compound movements are increasing my size alot, my weakest part is my chest in terms of how heavy I can bench and chest size, was maybe thinking about adding in cable flys as an additional alongside my standard bench to get that extra stretch and volume.

  15. I had umbilical hernia surgery 8 months ago and just recently got back to training. I lost a significant amount of weight and not sure if I can go back to training heavy bench, squat and deadlifts again after my surgery plis give advice thanks.

  16. Great advices!!! Alex you think it’s possible to build muscle only with resistance bands following these principles? Maybe staying on the high reps side like 20-30 reps per set? Thank you!

  17. Talking about volume is completely bogus without talking about intensity (1RM%) and RPE (rating of perceived effort). And even then its completely bogus to generalize and say that every muscle group need X amount of volume.


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