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What’s up What’s up! This was your MOST REQUESTED vid, so I hope you dig it! 🤗references are all listed below.






BEGINNER BUNDLE is for you if:
-you have little to no experience working out
-you’ve never really been able to stick to a diet
-you’re new-ish to fitness
-you want to create sustainable habits
(this includes at-home + gym guides)

ADVANCED BUNDLE is for you if:
-workout at the gym (no home guide included)
-can perform basic compound exercises
-you have experience with calorie and macro tracking
-you want to learn the science behind it all
(this includes a gym guide only)

These are the workout and nutrition plans I designed, I trust, and I follow. These are the exact plans I used to lose nearly 20 pounds of stubborn fat + get lean (not bulky) this past year.

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  1. Love you Abby! This is a timely video and always manage to confirm stuff I already know due to trial and error. Just completed a 10 week 10k training and still did my usual weight training in order to keep my gains

  2. Hi abby! I'm totally going to apply this kind of strategy to my dance schedule. I definitely want to improve in dance, my goal number 1, but I also love lifting and this will be a great way to train both. I'll let you know how I go! Xx

  3. Love this video! It's interesting seeing you figuring out this puzzle, as I was in the same boat not too long ago. I actually first started weightlifting during one of my toughest race-training periods (half marathon!) and it was not easy, but I did gain and maintain a decent amount of muscle while PR'ing in the race. It can be done, but as always.. "Work smarter not just harder" will get you the best results! As you do Abby, which is why I love you and your approach so much! I am curious if you have any sort of race in mind for your running? It's a lot of fun and motivating, but for me – running for the peace of mind will always be the ultimate motivation.

  4. does anyone see that black line near her right eye? 😮

    is it normal to bloat after eating? i get confused because there are pictures of insta fitness gurus that show themselves eating at restaurant and they still look thin as ever. please clear this up!

    update: i guess i didn't use the right word. what i meant to say was that my stomach isn't as flat as it was before eating which makes sense but i never see any fitness activist talk about this telling people that it's normal for our stomachs to largen a little after having a meal.

  5. Love you and you look beautiful! But I know you were asking for brow advice. They look a little dark and too obviously filled in. Look up the fade front brow technique. It's beautiful and more natural. Brows near your nose will be lighter and faded to a darker shade on the tail

  6. Have you considered training for triathlon? You've definitely got the core strength in place, and there's no need to jump right into doing a full Ironman, but going for Sprint and Olympic events could be a good way to dip your toe in and see how it goes.

  7. Always great hearing your workout schedule. That information about the Interference effect was solid. I need to adjust my own workout program a bit but I do plan on doing some research and coming up with something that works for me. Also, your dog is awesome.

  8. thank you for this advice. I find I love doing yoga stretching and strengthening in the morning…..just to destress and feel like I did something. but I love to lift weights and run too, so thank you again for the good advice! just so you know I enjoy watching your videos because if your knowledge and experience and then I enjoy your friendly personality so thanks for being you!

  9. Do you agree with studies that look into what best time of day to workout specifically for gaining lean mass that say hormones are a big factor. Because testosterone is at it's peak early morning but there's cortisol too. Personally I like getting it out of the way early but would like to know my options.

  10. Rolling downwardson the legs when foam rolling damages vein valves and can cause them to weaken and can cause varicose veins. Always roll towards the heart and then get off to reset.

  11. I can run faster than 6min/mile in a 5k 🙂
    Even when I would like to follow your tips about weightlifting, I want to become a great long distance runner so I cant try to follow your routine 🙁
    Nice video

  12. Back then, around a year ago, before I started weight lifting, I use to run for my only exercise, now that I started weights around 4 months ago, I reduce my running portion. So to start again with easy 3K is already a tough job now.. Maybe I can start running properly again after I get use to my weight lifting routines.. I miss running, although lots of other trainers said that too much cardio will affect or muscle mass..

  13. Abby, how long are your lifting sessions? I have a similar routine to you but can only dedicate 30-45 mins per weights session and am wondering if this is enough? I’m not looking to build more muscle, but to lean down and maintain what I have. Many Thanks x

  14. And this is why people don't know what weightlifting is. This is lifting weights… not weightlifting. Weightlifting is a type of lifting (snatch and clean & jerk) just like powerlifting is a type of lifting (squat, bench, and deadlift).

  15. I also enjoy running but find running back to back days really strains my calves! I’d love for you to share a video on your foam rolling and stretching you use specific to runners.

  16. This video was awesome. I actually think it was one of your best, and most helpful for myself. It was great to hear how you’re balancing running and lifting — because I feel like people always discourage cardio and running because “you’ll lose your gains — or won’t make any”. So this was so perfect! You look amazing so clearly everything you’ve been changing up is working!

    It would be great to see/hear how your nutrition changes for different days— or does it stay the same – no matter the workout?

    Thanks for the great new content!

  17. I would really like your help. I've been wanting to start working out but I would really like to focus on certain areas. I have been looking through your videos and I see here and there a few things I can try. I would really love to find a routine or video you can do at home. The gym isn't something I can do for a few reasons.. Anyway, I love your videos and the knowledge you have and would love to have workout videos/ routines focused on areas such as butt building (without thigh building), chest/ abs, arms and legs, etc all that are at home able. I know so many people would benefit from these videos as well. If you already have some please point me to them!
    Thank you so much!!!

  18. What's up what's up Abby!

    Thanks for your videos- you're awesome. You fill a niche for young women who want to know the science behind what their doing but don't have the time to do all research and read all the studies. And be fit without having the gym consume their life. You make it so common sense, manageable, and easily digestible!

    Questions- this may be old school and outdated, if so, lay some science on me- I've always thought training the same muscle groups two days in a row was a big no no? So how do for instance do a full body weight workout then leg day without overexhausting your muscles and preventing them from healing? Also, is it true that you can work core multiple days in a row?

    Thanks lady! Keep on keeping on!

  19. Sounds like a pretty good training split! I am a OCR runner so I need to balance my running with building enough strength to rock at the obstacles. Doing 4 runs a week (covering all intensities), 1 lower body training (not on a running day for me) and 3 upper body trainings per week, also with more focus on pulling. Plus 2 sessions each of core training and prehab (unilateral leg work / stabilization, balance, streching, foam rolling, etc). Am probably not gaining strength as fast as I could, but am getting better and better at OCR.

  20. Hi! Thank you for a good video! As a Swedish subscriber I just had to comment, I think it is so fun that you actually use the term "fartlek" over there =) It is a Swedish "word", or more a combination of 2 words, fart=speed and lek=play. So speadplay to translate it. I just wanted to let you know since I thought we only used the term here in Sweden =)
    Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work!

  21. Would a “long run” be a 5k or more? I know it can be subjective but I mean what the research says if you know. For me long run is when I try to do a 5k then I’ll go do shoulders right after or something else whereas I could never do a 12 k I’d die! Lol


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