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Sooo todays video is a chilled out/ chatty style one (because I just love filming these I find it so therapeutic and I hope you don’t mind my rambles hehe)

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  1. So I'm 5'4 and size 10. So, I recently wanted to start a YouTube channel about styling and stuff. And my boyfriend told me that no one will watch my videos ca's I'm fat and ugly. And I believed him for a while. And I was depressed until I watched this video. Thank you girl ! You're the best !!!

  2. Your so amazing Georgia! I’m a size 12 on my bottom half have such horrible thighs and legs and yet my top half is like 6/8! You have an amazing body and your so real thankyou for doing videos like this!! Xxx and for anyone commenting underneath I’m much shorter in height and I personally struggle with with how I look and I look to Georgia for inspiration!!! ❤️

  3. Wish I was still a size 12. The past 2 years i've now gone up to a 14-16 and its so upsetting because I didn't feel like I put on that much weight but then trying clothes on and seeing that I cant even get into a size 12 anymore really gets me down

  4. Well done for doing this video. It is good to hear from Influencers that some of social is not real. After dying after an accident it has made me realise how precious life is. How wonderful it is. How much we should appreciate so much. How we should do what we want as life is short just as long as not hurting anyone. Looking forward to seeing more of these videos.

  5. I relate so much to the increasing levels of anxiety when summer comes around, I spend the summer struggling to find clothes to wear to keep cool whilst also staying covered which results in avoiding some social situations. I think you're beautiful and its amazing you're using your platform to address these issues.

  6. So happy you did this video, it's nice to hear something so real and honest. I love all your clothing hauls and other videos but this video makes me love your channel even more!!xx

  7. Such a relatable video. Worn size 10 for the past few years but have recently had to start wearing size 12 on the bottom. It was hard to give into buying size 12 but size 12 is not big. I think clothing companies have a lot that they need to change about sizes. I bought a size 12 pair of trousers the other day which on the tag were called a large. Size 12 is not large. You’re doing amazing!

  8. So glad you mentioned about the season affecting your mental state and view of yourself/confidence – I feel this – almost pressure, every year! I have definitely compared my size to a lot of my friends who are Size 8’s being a Size 12 but I think it’s one of those thing you grow to accept and love as you grow older as I think I was definitely more conscious of this going through school

  9. Bravo Georgia! Love you so much for doing this video! I am years older than you, yet still have the same struggles you are talking about! Women no matter what age have this pressure to "fit" the stereotype! You are a role model and I am so glad women like you are finally speaking out! Thank you!

  10. LOVED this video❤ also you kinda remind me of Drew Barrymore! Not young Drew, now Drew Barrymore but younger if that makes sense ahah you're gorgeous ❤


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