My current workout split consists of two weeks. A lot of classic bodybuilding aspects woven into this split. This is one to try for sure! OVERVIEW:Week 1Monday: Legs (quad dominant)Tuesday: Back Width + BicepsWednesday: Chest + TricepsThursday: Legs (hamstring dominant)Friday: Back Thickness + BicepsSaturday: Forearms + Calves (or rest)Sunday: Chest + TricepsWeek 2 (superset week)Monday: Legs (quad dominant)Tuesday: Back + Chest Wednesday: Triceps + BicepsThursday: Legs (hamstring dominant)Friday: Chest + BackSaturday: Forearms + Calves (or rest)Sunday: Biceps + TricepsWill upload a beginner, intermediate and advanced split soon. “We always use the basic principles from the Golden Era of bodybuilding to craft a physique like the ones from the old days. Those were art, and that should be brought back. Creating a classic physique is the goal and at VintageGenetics we’re all about bringing forth yet again worthy physiques reminisent of the 70’s and 80’s.”Join us!Facebook and Fashion: | Supplementation and ClothingBeyond Genetics: | Fitness Apparel | 10% Discount Code: Wes10 MusicTheEnigmaTNG


  1. Hey VG, first of all cheers from the UK for all your great videos. Just for clarity… For example on your chest dominant super set day, would you do 4x chest chest sets followed by 4x sets of back OR would you do chest set then back set x4??


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