Train with weights for a strong, toned and sexy body! Katie Lobliner shows you a 4 day women’s weight training routine designed for ANY woman looking for RESULTS! Today Katie shows demonstrates day one of the workout (legs, back and biceps) and pre-workout nutrition.

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  1. I think it's ridiculous for anyone to call anyone else "fat" , or any other name for that matter, at any time. Those who feel the need to point out what they perceive as other's flaws are obviously insecure with themselves! Pay attention to your own life because I'd place a bet it's not perfect!, and could use some work.  Furthermore, this woman is in fantastic shape–not sure how some can't see that!

  2. These exercises are NO JOKE. I have been doing tae bo for over five years, just recently started adding weights to my routine. This one f#$ked me UP for days after (in a good way!).

    If you are a total beginner, plleaaase take your time through this. Do not expect or attempt to do all four of these weight training videos in your first week. Do what you can, and let your body rest if you are too sore (you WILL be sore).

    Thank you for these videos!

  3. While the actual weight training part of this was informative as a beginner. It infuriated me when they added in flowers and "girly" music over her routine. Unnessesary and irritating.

    Also, for those calling her fat. Keyboard warriors!

  4. this vid is for weight training for women why commenting for something else like criticism. write down the routine, go to the gym and start lifting then come back here to comment. thanks for this routines and tips. I'll do this. 🙂

  5. This is an overall bad video, she is promoting pre-workout (which is controversial), she doesn't properly talk about your entire form while working out, and the video doesn't focus on her form and body when doing the workout which in my opinion is the whole point of the video

  6. Her arms are too flabby. I lift less weight in less years and I was toned, and the squads, you do them slow so that way the exercise works better, no going up and down like a rabbit.

  7. Why are people hating? I've been looking for simple and informative weight training vids for women and this is just what I needed!! Thanks!!! Stop hating!!!!

  8. I think this video was great and an encouragement to women who fear getting too bulky in the gym. Not everyone wants to be super lean and news flash, not everyone thinks it's attractive. I like how she has the sexy curves of a woman, but still looks tight and toned. For all we know, she could be completely ripped under those clothes. Also, the trend is to lower your body fat, but a certain % of body fat is needed because it cushions the organs, provides insulation, protects the spinal cord, etc. And looks can be deceiving. There's a lot of people who look the part on the outside, but are weak and in poor healthy. So don't judge a book by its cover.

  9. For people who think omg 11-10 years of training and you dont look at all what you think
    Because for women her age its 10 times harder for girls or women to gain muslce and even look toned

  10. 10 years and barely muscle showing. Too many body builders have poor nutrition. Meat and dairy are fat hormones and create acidity in the body. Losing the meat protein will lean you put a lot and muscles will show a lot better .

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  16. She's not 'ripped' because she could well be on a rest from bulking and cutting, meaning she adds weight to add muscle then diets to lose the fat.

    It's this fat covering that hides the muscle tone underneath. Looks like it wouldn't take her much effort to reveal her muscle mass.

  17. It is NOT about the way her body looks but just look how strong she is! Genetics and other factors makes a difference in everyone's progress. Possibly she has came a long way point is you shouldn't judge her because simply you don't know her. She's BEAUTIFUL the way she is healthy is what's important! She's probably came a long way from when she's started!

  18. just eat 500 calories over your maintenance metabolic rate eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you weight and spread it out every 4 hours because your body can only absorb 30 to 40 grams at a time don't take longer than 2 minutes in between sets and lift weight that's so heavy you can only do it 10 times and constantly check you self to see if you can do it more than 10 like 15 reps and then go up like 5 or 10 pounds or so also get 8 hours of sleep… done… get housed.


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