Witness astonishing scenes as Aramnau breaks the world record in the final of the men’s 105KG weightlifting at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.



  1. No one calls weightlift winner the strongest man on earth. There are many other measures of strength and by the pure definition of muscular strength weightlifting has far too much technique, power and balance reducing the importance on strength in the lifts.

  2. @liiiiiiiiiike mostly technique? dont be a tool. if you were the best olympic lifting technician in the business but didnt have the strength and power to back it up you would get nowhere.

  3. @liiiiiiiiiike no you are wrong and the world record holder rezazadeh is proof, he is monsterously strong and has relatively poor technique for a world class lifter but hes still the best because his strength and power make up for his relative lack of technique.

  4. @scientificallyunstab PS: by the way, is it me or apart from having heaps of raw power and strength, Aramnau, has short stature on his advantage? Both Klokov and Lapikov are almost his same height when they are standing in the podium

  5. Although I like the technique of the snatch it is a very precarious lift requiring extreme balance.Many extremely strong men cannot do this lift and are relegated to doing only powerlifting.
    At one time in Britain and I can't seem to find it on internet there was a lifting contest in 1970's that consisted of clean and jerk followed by deadlift and then followed by dumbbell pressing for as many reps at 110 lbs.Many powerlifters despite doing over 700lb deadlifts couldn't get dumbbells up.

  6. Yes, Zydrunas is an amazing athlete. However, there's a video of Dmitry Klokov push pressing 495 lbs with flawless technique, at a much lower bodyweight than Zydrunas (around 150 lbs lower). That is even more amazing, if you ask me.

  7. Armanau's clean and jerk was still in motion and in the European WC of 2014 you can see him getting called out on that exact same lift and he totally stunk in that championship. I can't stand the guy as a lifter and the only one of these lifters to progress from this time is Klokov which you can all find out here on Youtube.


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