See first hand the strongest weightlifters in the world go head-to-head in the men’s +105KG event in the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.


  1. @kooziejr for now you are right. his problem is: he is very good in snatch but not good enough in clean and jerk. to be thebest you have to be strong in clean and jerk. you remember 1996 in atlanta? tschemerkin was the best in clean and jerk

  2. The story about Matthias and his wife has brought me to tears several times when I've thought about it, about his loss, his promise to her and what he achieved.
    Matthias is the greatest person alive in my book.

  3. Please be polite and instead go and read the history: The winner in Olympics 2000 and 2004 had 472.5 kg. The winner of 2008 had 461. The bronze winner of 2000 lifted 462.5 kg.

  4. Given the top comment I think I'm pretty safe in saying these guys are so hot! I'm so glad there are at least some Olympic sports that show off the beauty of big men for us big men admirers.

  5. Please shut your mouth when you do not know anything, in Olympics they count the total. he had 210 in snatch and 263.5 (they considered 262.5 kg based on the rules of that time) in c&j. So the total is 472.5 kg. You had better read your elementary math

  6. The man promised his wife that he would win a gold medal for her. But his wife died in a car accident july 16, 2007. That is the reason of his reaction after lifting that thing.

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  8. Chigishev and Jabber, hope I spelled those right are the two of the strongest weightlifters pound for pound ever. Each weighed only 275 pounds however, there are a few Soviet lifters that match them but I think are a tad bit heavier. Jabber of course is from Bulgaria in the trade off for money. I'm a fan of Weller but not this guy because this guy does not have the history Weller did and this should have gone to Chigishev finally after losing so many close Gold medals. I give Steiner credit for what he went through throughout his life but I really wanted Chigishev to finally win after all those years of fighting. Whats worse is he lost many Gold's by only a few kilo's. In this case one……..

  9. fucking 8 years passed by in a minute. I can't believe it. 🙁
    When Beijing games ended I asked myself, oh hell , it will take ages for London games to begin , but now Rio games are over . How fast is time flying ….


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