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  1. It's great to see modern lifters doing things like bent presses. Makes you appreciate the difficulty of what the old time guys did back in the day. It's like an art form.

  2. Girlfriend asked "Why are we just watching a video of someone watching another video?"

    Im single now. Also holy shit how did Arthur Saxon bent press as much as he did?

  3. You cant stare at the ground when you do cleans. It really fucks up your contact point and your ability to pull under. Ideally you want to look straight ahead or slightly up. You absolutely shouldnt be looking at the ground though.

  4. Dude, your shoulders were so uneven during those overhead squats. I have the same issue, just wondering if you can feel the difference in stress on the muscles. I can keep the weights balanced but then I'll feel the imbalance of one side supporting more or less.

  5. Invite Dmitry Klokov (Olympic champion that holds the WR in snatch 205kg under ~105kg). He goes to US quite often and does a good job of teaching weightlifting techniques. I think it will be a nice collaboration.

  6. There's definitely a major conflict when it comes to locked form lifts, especially keeping the back flat all the time and for so many lifts. It increases capacity, and safety for some lifts, but it's also totally outside what mother nature intended as a standard function of living, including when we were still in the wild.
    I've actually watched my biceps lengthen by a couple inches with an actual pop, by stretching them during isolation workouts and starting the stretches 3/4 through completion. I think the training cycle tightness that builds, is one of several major events that in itself, is what has us walk into the gym, feeling like this is a bad idea and my body is demanding my brain obey it.

    In this scenario, mobility work, through low or no resistance, and stretching becomes a true blue day's workout IMO.

  7. I always thought Martins should have longer hair but I thought it's gonna grow more straight; he's starting to look like Bob Ross (a beefed up version of)

  8. lol… he has a meat endorsement because he wears short shorts with his meat hanging out… omfg! LMFAO!!!
    (P.S. Nice power stance over the meat… HOT! and I don't even swing that way)

  9. So are Olympic techniques like the split-jerk allowed in OHP events in Strongman? If so, and the infamous "double-dip" is illegal, that would be 100% retarded.
    Double-dipping serves the same purpose as a split-jerk, they both involve trying to get under the bar after the initial "push-press." I.e., drive the bar up while simultaneously dropping the body down. The irony is that someone with a good and effective split-jerk will get a shit load more weight overhead than if they used double-dip. A double-dip might give a lifter a 6 to 10-inch drop under the bar whereas a split-jerk could get a lifter a two-foot drop under the bar! lol Double-dipping is the LESS effective technique for getting a barbell overhead by far, yet it's the one that's banned and the much more advantageous split-jerk is allowed?! lol Ridiculous. Makes ZERO sense.
    And Licis is a perfect example. He has beaten guys in OHP'ing events who are stronger than him by well over a hundred pounds in strict barbell and dumbbell shoulder-pressing movements because he has a decent split-jerk. lol
    And saying, "well why don't other guys just learn how to split jerk? Well, first of all, it can take years to get even just decent at Olympic Lifting movements like the split-jerk. bad form with 100 pounds can destroy knees ankles and hips. Someone who has never learned and trained the split-jerk isn't going to get elite Strongman OHP weight after training for a few months or even a few years. Olympic lifts are the absolute most difficult and technique critical lifts in strength sports. But regardless, because again, Olympic lifting is all about using technique over brute strength. Now, of course, there's technique in Strongman events, but strongman is about who can move the most weight, who is the strongest statically, who has the most absolute strength. not who can lift more based on decades of practicing a technique.


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