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  1. Mark can you do a video on trt for the older men . I’m 41 and live in the Bay Area and would love more info on this, most importantly how to begin the process! Thx you’re videos rock!!!

  2. Mark, I can an totally relate on everything you shared in this video, especially the midnight snack part. Most importantly, about health and the general population. Be proud and kick ass.

  3. Mark, I've been following you since you first started the power project 6-7 years ago, have watched the the powercast, bought slangers and hip circles as I try to support you as I love the stuff you put out. But I must say, the Mark Bell iPhone series is the best to date, these videos are pure gold – thanks for putting these out.

  4. Dayuuum!

    I'm hearing some Art Williams, ZigZiglar and others oozing out there brother.
    You, MY BROTHER, are still growing.
    Love to bread carbs with you sometime.
    I got that same bug years ago, and was bitten by the barbells as a teen. PREACH BROTHER!
    DR. T

  5. The funny thing is that people who live an average life and eat an average diet will probably outlive you… And that includes Doritos and Wendys. Because lifting heavy ass weights and doing steroids negates any of the positives of healthy eating.

  6. I can’t stop saying this. This channel is literally a gold mine of valuable and REALISTIC information. Smelly you’re a brilliant vlogger and athlete. Super happy after watching these videos 🙂

  7. Never heard from you this long talk but a lot of point I may hear that again. you talk today from the bottom of your heart OK we gonna work hard on everything what you said even if it is what we know already

  8. No Sir, eating rice with chicken for few weeks doesn't make You a champion.
    You're a champion couse You're a great father, husband, son, brother…..
    And for a such happy person, You seems to carry to much about others opinion which is such a waste of time, better use it to master your craft.
    Not everyone wants to be is shape, being overweight could be as danger as being 7% bodyfat.
    Mark, when You gonna be really happy, You will talk to those people and tell them with love that what they are eating is a crapy shit.
    Now You laugh at them, where is glory in that.

    Just my 0,2$

    Good luck with your show!

  9. Since your approach to body building you have gotten a humble slap to your face bro keep it going ! Loving these videos bro ! Great job it’s more than bb it’s a mentality an approach a personality a hard work and consistence thing . It’s more than weights

  10. Can you list the supplements please and also explain your reasoning behind cardio – Why do cardio when you can just eat less food? I know some reasons but would like to here it from you thanks


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