Pot and Bodybuilding Dont Mix! Marijuana is your enemy if you are trying to add muscle and lose fat – and who isnt!


Don’t believe me? Check out what the experts have to say;



  1. It's called dedication, mind set my friend. I smoke cuz my friends are well built and concentrated into working out, oxygen levels? You can eat it, duh. I have never gained muscle before as now that I smoke. Munchies? Yes, prepare your proper meal before or even after, have ur food ready and put in your mind what your goal is and weed will help you focus, a weak mind will wonder and give up, a strong mind will push you forward. Speak your mind, this is the USA, if you dnt like weed just say it but dnt be like everyone else preaching "weed is bad oh yeah but it should be legal"

  2. Oh by the way, this guy just told you to consume coffee instead, I love coffee, I drink 2 cups a day, morning n afternoon, he's offering u something that dehydrates you, really? Listen to people, question their opinions and fallow ur heart.

  3. A cup of coffee? Your advice is to use caffeine over a plant with many known benefits, anti inflammatory benefits to start with. Everyone has a endocannabinoid system and cannabis is full of cannabinoids, you should look it up before giving out advice like that. Cannabis over caffeine any day, you dont have to smoke it either, juicing fresh raw cannabis will give you all the benefits without any psychoactive effects. Its the best vegetable out there! So if weed does make you abit lazy when you smoke (everyones different) you dont have to have a joint to have the benefits. Juice it, i would advise juicing with fruit as its not very nice on its own, it tastes like juiced kale. Or even dice up a fresh leaf like a herb n sprinkle it on your dinner if you want, again though it wont have any psychoactive effects just all the benefits. And the testosterone lowering thing is not as true as people think, it may suppress your HPA for up to 24 hours if you don't have a tolerance to it, your HPA only makes up 5% of your testosterone. But in my opinion all the benefits massively outweigh this, especially with my tolerance levels (grins and shakes head) peace out

  4. I'm sure this guy means well but wow is he off. It's obvious he hasn't practiced lifting stoned. I work out twice a day stoned and look around at the lazy people who can barley get in and out of one set before I've done 3 workouts. This poor poor man has no idea what he's talking about. Just using general things he's been told to Belive as truth. Wake up sheep

  5. Good video, it's nice to get a different perspective on it because there's definitely 2 sides to it. What do you think about the rumor/myth/fact that it reduces test levels?

  6. Everything he said was very true. It gets you to eat munchies and getting lazy and hurting your lungs. But there's other way to use cannabis and help with your muscle growth. I personally smoke marijuana after the workout since i get really lazy if i smoke before the workout. Some people are different and if you can workout after smoking than go ahead it suits for you. Well let's get to the main point. In my opinion , Marijuana helps your muscle growth if you use it right. If you don't want to smoke since your working out , you can simply make or buy edibles. Since marijuana can help you with relaxation.I believe it boost your muscle growth by relaxing the muscle and give more recovery. Also if you gonna smoke marijuana i recommend you to do more cardio to help your lungs air flow and it wont hurt your lungs much. I'm not saying marijuana is all the way up or anything , but if you know how to use it right and knows about your body type and etc. Go ahead and use it.

  7. I literally got sick of eating chicken and rice al the time to fucking grow, once i hit the bong i eat the same fucking plane chicken and rice and guess what it taste so goood

  8. Smokers have oxygen levels of 80-85%? LMAO even someone with COPD has oxygen saturations of 88-92%. Smokers have oxygen levels of 97-100% just like everyone else. They would be dead with oxygen levels of 80% so don't give false information out.

  9. I agree with the munchies and the mellow feeling.
    When i'm high, you can find me parked on the couch..LOL
    However some great athletes seem to thrive on cannabis, look at the Diaz brothers in MMA.
    To each his own i guess….

  10. It is an appetite enhancer indeed. But this can be beneficial for those who have a hard time putting on weight due to having a fast metabolism. Despite eating ridiculous amounts, I put on weight very very slowly. Marijuana helps me eat ludicrous amounts to help me put on mass. And most studies regarding moderate doses of cannabis inhibiting gains are inconclusive when behavioral factors are controlled for. Moderation is key, but most people could do without it and should just focus on training.

  11. Nothing wrong with havong a joint once a week or so. It's still possible to eat healthy and it won't interfere with the training as long as you don't do it directly before.

  12. bro there's no way this guy smokes weed.his sitting in a garden lol he sounds very simple.I'm guessing he don't get out much you no maybe goes interstate for holiday…never seen the big world

  13. ok I.just find it strange you said smoking weed makes you out of breath so it makes it harder to do more reps in a set.weed doesn't effect your breathing while working out lol that's cigarettes buddy.btw who is out of breath at the end of there sets???your muscle should fatigue long before you lungs.also weed increases mind to muscle connection…helps you to only focus on the task at hand.meaning your not wasting energy on thinking about anything other than the reps.p.s. you got puffy nipps bro weird body.lay of the roids get to the gym

  14. Don’t knw where this guy got his info from , smoking a joint in moderate dose improves your focus and helps u push out those extra reps, I tried it the first time and damn I was amping out more reps, my muscle recovery improved my drive improved feeling less pain during workout and wasn’t feeling anxiety at all, taking it in MODERATION before training is great, the THC in the weed has a huge effect on the endocannabinoid system great plant, but yea u have to keep a balance between gym weed and daily life routines

  15. 1. i dont get munchies and get nausus easy so it helps me eat a balanced diet 2. pot doesnt decrease motivation thats certianly not true i workout every single day after smoking just drink some caffeine and youre ready to go 3. a plus side to smoking is vasodiolation and that means more blood delivered from the heart to you're muscles

  16. Show us the proof Scooby, many body builders smoke weed an just prefer not to mention it, what makes weed different from other drugs? many weightlifters are taking bare products that will hurt them in the long term. People with self control and high motivation who have a passion for building muscle and going to the gym wont let weed get the better of them, ps weed is a great supplement for pre and post workout pending on the user

  17. The munchies aren't a downside, in fact it's the one thing that makes marijuana invaluable. Not everyone tends to fat. The point about motivation is also entirely subjective. Some people really do need to mellow out, especially in the gym. Personally, I fall into both of those camps. Finally, the point about O2 levels is really grasping at straws. Right off the bat, the biggest problem is that you're assuming smoking as the means of dosing. Then you're conflating smoking cigarettes for nicotine, with its extremely short biological half-life, with a hit or two of weed. You can't say "pot and bodybuilding don't mix", not without being ridiculously reductive, as you have been. As with anything, the devil is in the details.

  18. For a lot of people who struggle getting enough calories having the munchies can be beneficial for bodybuilding if you use it for organic foods. It can also be very beneficial for inflammation so you can train without having joint pain even when your not intoxicated. Also there are plenty of ways to intake thc without inhaling smoke. Thc can help people who struggle with insomnia who can not sleep enough to build muscle. For a lot of people using thc can be very beneficial and fun to do with cardio like running.

  19. Fully agree man I was a heavy smoker smoking 1 to 2 grams a day and making no results at the gym. I trained at 8-10 reps of 4 and now giving up 3 weeks ago I have accomplished more weight and mass than a whole year smoking with the same routine . Everyone is different but for me it goes to show I have better results without buds

  20. This is stupid. Caloric deficit= weight loss. Caloric surplus= weight gain. Plain and simple. No muscle growth suppression or weight loss suppression. If you don’t wanna grow then you won’t work out and eat right. It all comes down to diet and work ethic. As for the motivation part, It definitely makes you lazy depending on the person and same goes for motivation. All this is in my personal experience so don’t go bashing me pls lol.

  21. Incorrect. I feel stronger high or buzzed. And have gotten stronger and lost 25 lbs in 60 days. And still counting….
    I don’t use preworkout
    No coffee
    Strict diet. Enough protein and carbs and fats.
    Straight ATL goodshit.
    Straight from the bong. No tobacco.
    But this is only 20 min before I hit the gym. I don’t smoke after working out. I eat my spot workout meal or have my shake.
    I drink at least 1 gal of water everyday.

    Buuuuuut that’s just me. Everyone’s different.

  22. The munchies help me a lot to eat the amount of calories I need per day. Normally I'll take it before y 6th meal (keeping it clean with salmon, tuna etc.). Try smoking Sativa which gives an energetic high. Im no bodybuilder btw, I climb and do Jiu Jitsu

  23. yes, weed probably does more harm than good when you use it before your training.
    but what about after?
    i smoke once a week, at friday evening when i finished hard week of training. it is PERFECT for muscle relexation and i sleep like a baby.
    next day i feel very strong and motivated.

  24. Only a homo would say this shit I smoke least three bowls a night and I’m doing fine still making good gains and good physique until you do your research on Cannabis don’t talk your going by stuff you have heard from others I’m sick of people saying how bad Cannabis is honestly dude you look like your 2 months pregnant lol

  25. This may just be the exception and not the rule, but I used to smoke weed and work out and it didn't hinder my gains. As a vegan, when I got the munchies, I actually would eat things like fruit and vegetables when I was high. I also didn't feel a lack of motivation, if anything, I felt more motivated. when I was stoned, my arms didn't feel as sore, which allowed me to push myself past what I could normally do. I don't do this now and it probably affects most people differently I am just sharing my experience. You could definitely do a lot worse things to kill your gains.

  26. Pot has been called death to diabetics.  It causes you to use up all your blood sugar super fast, so you get "the munchies," and invariably overshoot and eat far too much, and it messes with your judgment in terms of checking your blood sugar levels and taking an appropriate amount of insulin, and the more insulin you take, the more fat you cram on, and it's just insanity.  20 years diabetic, watched my diabetic brother-in-law die from asinine pot-smoking, poor eating and insulin use, and I've read a lot about it.  Scooby is right again.  It absolutely causes the munchies.  It IS an appetite enhancer, which is why it can be so helpful for cancer patients who are too ill to eat.

  27. So many potheads and drug addicts in the comments, sorry people, but this weed is a drug and that's that, so stop advocating that shit, grow up and put your life and health together

  28. Scooby, I think you are getting so much negative feedback on this because there are so many people out there who prefer weed to alcohol when it comes to exercise and being healthy, simply for caloric reasons. Your points are all valid, and thank you for saying it all without condemning weed in general. Also, congratulations on maintaining your overall positivity despite the negative reactions you get from some people.

    To everyone else: Exceptions do not disprove the rule. Every point Scooby made in the video remains true. If someone out there says they can down a 40 of Olde English and still run a 5k faster than the next person, it does not mean that chugging malt liquor is a benefit for runners. News flash, inhaling the smoke of anything will affect your lung capacity. Try not smoking anything for a while and see how far/fast you can run thereafter. Likewise, being able to get blazed while retaining the willpower to avoid the munchies, or developing a positive mental association with smoking weed and lifting weights, does not negate the overall effects weed has on the vast majority of people, nor its effect on your oxygen levels. Congratulations on being an exception, thereby proving the rule.

  29. Ive scrutinized much of the research with the eyes of an attorney. And after 10 years Ive found only one layman's statement stands closest to the truth: "It helps some and it hurts some." Why ganja confounds us is that it foils our natural inclination towards mental economy through homogenising ppl.

  30. "But Arnold smoked pot!" There are literally tens of thousands of photos of Arnold but only one of him smoking pot because he was NOT a regular pot smoker. Stop using Arnold as "proof" that marijuana is good for building muscles. Be a regular pot smoker if you want but don't fool yourself into thinking that it will not hurt your aesthetics and strength. [Steroids + marijuana = muscles] but then [steroids + anything = muscles]


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