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Marijuana And Bodybuilding: Does Weed Affect Muscle Growth?

Is there any negative connection between marijuana and bodybuilding? Does smoking pot in moderation have any direct physical effects on the body’s muscle building and fat burning processes?

I’m not here to advocate that anyone smoke or not smoke pot, and my only goal here is to give the objective facts as I see them. Also keep in mind that we’re specifically discussing bodybuilding and marjiuana here and nothing else. Whatever other health effects it may or may not have are beyond the scope of this post.

The main areas of concern when it comes to weed and bodybuilding revolve around levels of important hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone and estrogen.

However, the current research that is available (references below) simply does not show any significant, long-lasting effects as a result of marijuana consumption.

Testosterone: All we see here are short term decreases that return to baseline fairly quickly, and even when test levels do drop, they still stay within the normal range. Heavy ongoing use may be a different issue, but moderate use should not be an issue in this area.

Growth Hormone: Decreases only occur when very large doses of pure THC are given. One study actually showed an increase in growth hormone levels as a result of smoking two joints.

Estrogen: The results here are mixed, with some studies showing negative effects and others showing no effect. However, very large doses were used in the studies indicating that only heavy, frequent use would likely be a problem if at all.

From a direct physical standpoint, I currently don’t see any evidence to indicate that moderate marjiuana consumption would have any direct negative effect on your ability to build muscle or lose fat.

Heavy frequent use may be another issue, but even then the research is inconclusive.

The only situation where marijuana and bodybuilding would overlap is if it causes behavioural changes in you that then carry over to your fitness goals, such as over-eating or skipping workouts. In that case, obviously there would be consequences.

However, if all else remains equal (training, nutrition, supplementation etc.), weed and bodybuilding don’t seem to be connected in any measurable way from a pure physical standpoint.

Relevant Studies:

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  1. the big problem is the HUGE percentages in the scatter, oils, etc.
    vaping a strain from 4 to 8 % THC would be perfect for the receptors in your brain.

  2. I burn about 3 to 4 joints a day and usually 1 right before a workout. I have had no problems staying lean and strong. It helps me focus on the mind muscle connection and gives great motivation.

  3. I smoke weed daily and make better gains than guys who use juice!
    I advocate smoking weed, great for focus, fat burning and having that stale face detering conversations with guys in the gym who like to work their jaw.

  4. Those studies probably weren't even conducted on cannabis users half the time. Our body MAY reduce Test. levels for a short time because of the shock of having THC introduced into our system, but regular users develop a tolerance and don't suffer from the nervous high/lazy comedown and side effects like others do.

    Since I use cannabis medically to treat my insomnia I sleep much better and have more energy to workout the next day. My stomach pain/nausea is also greatly reduced which helps me eat more, and it dulls the burning when I'm hammering reps out in the gym. I've actually gained 12 pounds of muscle since I started using it a few months ago, and I recover from soreness faster so I workout 5x a week now instead of 3-4.

  5. You look solid, and thicker without pot. It affects gains idc what anyone say's, they're just pot heads who want to hear what they want to hear. If you think it's hindering your gains chance's are it is. To eaches own though i used to be a big pothead so im just speaking based off of my experience with smoking, and working out. No bueno.

  6. it dosnet seem to effect muscle growth or fat gain I've lost fat and gained muscle In the course of a few months and I have been smoking weed almost every day and I'm in highschool

  7. I DO notice that smoking cigarettes DOES cause workout atrophy. I smoke on and off (Cigarettes) to notice a huge difference in effecting my workouts. When I dont smoke cigs I keep my gains and strength. When I do smoke cigs I can see and feel it by next day. Even to the point of losing strength. WHY? I cant give anyone an answer as to why.

  8. Smoking is not good period
    But it depends what type and what quantity .
    1 It has to be Sativa so you don't feel lazy
    2 you must only take a couple of puff eg half because u still need to be safe in your environment
    If I saw a guy stoned in the gym I'd report him.
    What weed does is dull the pain receptors that you feel thus giving u the ability to have better endurance , patience and focus .
    But it won't give you growth because it's 100 percent cerebral.
    The growth you will get would be because ur work out becomes more intense.

    Negatives are u can't measure the exact amount u ingest
    so u may have too little or too much
    Your mouth becomes very dry
    You become reliant on it because it's so good
    If u go without u can feel a little lost or have difficulty doing without , but you will have to sooner or later.
    And finally drugs equal cheating so u become a drugs cheat and u always have that in your head
    Could I have done this well without ?
    If you don't do it don't start
    If u do be scientific and careful
    Because if it is obvious u will get banned from your gym.

  9. Thanks for this video! My personal experience is moderate use almost daily. I don't skip on proper diet, disciplined workouts, etc. I just like to workout on weed most times. Consciously I'm aware of the level of intensity I apply to my workouts and I try to workout smart following in the footsteps of people like Greg Plitt(rip) or Mike Thurston, etc. In my opinion, do what you want as long as you are holding yourself accountable and mapping out a way to your goals.

  10. Ive got it in while i was high ,still had great workout still got pumped ..still (sore )felt good in the next morning… i dont like to smoke and do cardio i feel like my lung capacity is shortened .. what i would say is dont workout high, find that focus on your own & dont go crazy with muchies ..but nothing wrong with smoking after the gym

  11. I smoke high thc dabs everyday and it doesn’t affect me at all. Makes me more concentrated and motivated. Still lose fat and build muscle easily. This also has to do with the strain of marijuana you smoke and how long you have been smoking marijuana for. It comes down to determination in my opinion

  12. Ive been smoking about 7 years now and smoke weed about 3-5 times per week, go to the gym regularly. From what I've learned the best thing is moderation because over consumption will definitely lead to fatigue every night and possibly over eating (good for bulking!!) However when I'm high in the gym, I focus a lot more on my range of motion, my form, and doing wholesome reps instead of trying to get my shit done ASAP. In short: Quality sets on weed only.

  13. if you smoke weed or tobaco forget it i quit it because its true what this guy say. i smoked for 7 years everyday tobaco and weed but after i quit i then started to train realy good before it was trash … chose one or another its hard to have both. smoking cant give you oxigen that you need more than anything in workouts

  14. Cannabis is the best vegetable in the world. Eating cannabis will result in the best vitamins and nutrients for the body. Some of the best bodybuilders in the world use cannabis. Arnold and Dorian Yates just to name a few. Your body is hard wired to receive cannabis. You should be consuming cannabis on the daily <———- not a joke. You’ve been lied too about the negative affects of cannabis. Just research juicing cannabis, it’s amazing for the body. If you want to take your training to the next level research the benefits of eating cannabis. I make my own cannabis infused coconut oil and eat two table spoons a day, it’s great for your body!!! For more info jghernandez1620 IA

  15. Im so confused right now should i smoke right now before sleep and hit the gym tomorrow.. im a powerlifter im not sure if it will decrease my performance or not, i need to break my pr on deadlift.

  16. I do smoke basically everyday and I always lift too, I eat well, and sleep well and I've seen pretty good results even tho I can call myself a heavy smoker, I mean I have kept doing things well, I wonder what would it had happen if I would do all my shit well and not smoke weed, idk if I would have better results but I honestly have not get stucked and I'm pretty happy right now with my results (I'm not a beginner in the gym but I'm natural)

  17. I vape around .05-.1g first thing in the mornings while hydrating and work out in my room before I have breakfast, everyday. I also sometimes get high again afterwards and cycle to the local steam room / sauna. Honest reflections.

    My stretches are of better quality while high. A sober stretch before I workout, is usually fairly rigid and half arsed. A stoned stretch before I workout is flexible, deeper and I get end up taking a lot more time out to do them.

    As far as results are concerned, it definitely screws up performance both ways. Sometimes my focus is extreme, to the point of near disassociation as I somehow "find" the strength to do extra reps. Sometimes it can add upwards of 5 onto my expected peak of an exercise, if I am really in that zone. Other times, I am 2-3 reps lower than I what I expect, because fatigue sets in much earlier, the muscles seem to just feel heavier faster.

    As far as the psychological effects are concerned, I feel like I get a more accomplished workout in. My mood is noticeably better afterwards, especially on mornings where I could not be arsed to work out normally. If I were to stay sober, chances are, the workout is less likely to get completed. I think the effects it has on the mind need to be controlled and directed, otherwise it will wreak havoc on your workout. There used to be times I would only do 2 out of my 5 excercises and call it a day because I was making excuses and giving myself a pass because I was high and tired. I do not do that anymore though.

    My most important thing to say is that it helps a lot with eating afterwards. Not everybody has the habit of eating in the morning, for me, weed has helped me to stuff a lot more down my face. I'm not some cheech & chong inspired idiot, it's not junk food and I'm not lazy. I eat relatively good and healthy food, most mornings I can expect to eat 4 eggs, bacon, sausages and toast. Or perhaps I make salmon, spinach and potato wedges. Eating clean is just as rewarding, if not moreso, whilst stoned imo.

    It's a shame that stoner stereotypes instill uninspired, lazy, effortless hedonistic consumption and habits in people who could be capable of so much more.

  18. Trust me, as a nationaly ranked bodybuilder, the use of marijuana is common and if anything is beneficial to gaining muscle, via lowered stress and cortisol levels, improved sleep and beneficial appetite increasing benefits. The belief that it makes you lazy and eating uncontrollable eating is misguided. Bodybuilding is a discipline that if something like weed is going to make you skip workouts and eat everything in sight… Well, in my opinion you never had the self discipline to make it in bodybuilding to begin with.

  19. I eat cannabis before my workouts and training MMA!!
    It’s unbelievable how it helps you focus and gives you a lift of energy !
    If you get sluggish using cannabis it’s because u use too much!!
    So try using less!
    But the stimulation from cannabis will give u a workout like you never had before!
    Listen to your favorite music and get your jam on !!!!!!!

  20. Im not sure but thc pretty much doesnt change anything on my muscle growth. Anyways, im a beginner, so muscles are building fast anyways. (I usually take a big bong hit before i work out. I can focus better but i have ADHD so that's obvious)

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  22. I’m 17 years old and have been going to the gym on averagely 5 days a week for around a year now, whilst smoking weed pretty much daily and always before and after workouts. I am purely natural and have a very good high protein, lean diet and the results I’ve been are amazing. I’ve had the same gym buddy who is taller than me, however I have made a lot more gains. For me personally, smoking gets me right into the zone because I have goals. I also smoke after a workout, normally after food because it relaxes me and feels like it helps with muscle recovery. I think it’s different for everyone but honestly I’ve went from literally having next to no muscle to being well in size aswell as under 10% body fat. Pre-Workout and smoking some weed feels amazing also.

  23. So basically you don’t know and you don’t have an answer . I smoke week every day for last 30 years and the answer you re looking for is it doesn’t matter it’s all in your genes my friend who s been training for 3 years never smoked I caught up with him only been training 5 months and I’m more motivated going gym then he is


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