2019 IWF World Championships – Men 89kg Group B – Monday, 23 September 2019 – Pattaya (THA)


  1. Thank you for these! It's amazing to have these especially with the commentaries. Makes it easier to understand everything and makes it fun! I find it odd tho that Toshiki senpai is in a B group but hey… Let's see what these guys are all about! Thanks again

  2. 애들 혹사 하지말라고 씨발놈들아 안봐도 뻔해 좆같은 지도자 븅신들 다 뒤져라 개씨발놈들 아 좆같네 니들 같은 새키들한테 내 새끼 운동 시키기 싫다 시벌것들 다 좀 뒤져라


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