Bananas are a good source of carbohydrate

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Gears I used:
Sony A7iii + 24-105
Rode Videomic Pro


  1. Китайцы хорошо учатся. Смотрю на их тренировки и вижу советскую школу, приспособленную под особенности местных спортсменов.

  2. I always wondered if this guys (all the main chinese weighlifters, male and female) are basically known by everybody in China. Of course weightlifting is huge in China, but are they looked at like basketball stars in USA or football stars in Europe?

  3. Lu XiaoJun's cleans are surgically efficient, holy crap. You can tell how much more power Dayin uses when you just compare the two techniques..

    Damn he also looked sick. Hope he doesn't have coronavirus.

  4. I never was a woman to drool over muscly men.
    But heavens, these athlete's physiques are a dream.

    Edit: came here for the sport (I usually watch women's sports, idk why). I'm no creep :c


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