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Gears I used:
Sony A7iii + 24-105
Rode Videomic Pro


  1. دمش گرم واقعا این چینیها تو وزنه برداری حرف ا ل رو میزنن تو دنیا ولی خدا لعنتشون کنه که کرونا رو اوردن تو دنیا و بدبختمون کردن

  2. The intro music is the same as the Active Self Protection video. I was half waiting for some perp to come strolling in to rob these guys only to get clubbed with a barbell holding 250 pounds.

  3. Only people who actually train these lifts can admire and respect how meticulous and perfect their form is not to mention the obvious strength, one wrong move and you can fuck up joints and ligaments.

  4. I love the technique they use to have back always in line. I need to copy that because my back is trashed (several times herniated disc). These guys looks awesome and have awesome technique.

  5. 0:28 力敌千军 is a Chinese idioms but it has two meanings,one is the meaning in the video when you use word 钧 which is a Chinese Unit of weight,and the original one means “Strength against thousands of enemies”

  6. Faudrait peut-être qu'ils travaillent vraiment les soldats du PCC au lieu de faire du bruit parce qu'en terme de nombre de médailles aux derniers jeux olympiques de 2016 ca vol pas haut, ils sont mêmes derrière la France.

    Maybe they should really work the little CCP guys instead of making noise because in terms of the number of medals at the last Olympic games in 2016, they are not even behind France.


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