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Lu Xiaojun (77kg, China) Squatting up to 275kg + Warm Up
2015 World Weightlifting Championships Training Hall
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Lyu Xiaojun? Lü Xiaojun?


  1. Without so many preliminary reps, he might have been able to go as low with the last lift as he did with warm up lifts. Now my head should come off for saying, the last lift was not as deep as earlier reps? Sacrifice form to get a bigger number, he has the same disease as powerlifters, just a milder case, yes, it was deep enough to assist mid level (not rock bottom) CJ recovery after clean. This is the lifter who could have registered a successful 220kg clean and jerk in several competitions besides this huge hindrance he imposed on himself, of literally doing a second deep squat with his jerk method. As many times as this method has failed him (it cost him GOLD at Rio) you'd think he'd change his ways and use a split jerk. People rave about Illya Illin, and he uses a split jerk! Pisarenko, Varbanov, Stoichkov, Rusev, Rigert, Milser and Vardanian, all greats with WR's, used a split jerk. This lifter may as well revert to a split snatch, since he wants to use a harder method in the second lift. The fact that all I could do is change weights for him, does not invalidate these observations. He'll never achieve his best total due to this awful jerk method he stubbornly clings to. There is no requirement to make the lift harder, as in, high power clean first. The knee wraps but more so the tight shorts? With loose shorts, how much less would he be doing? Same principle as a simple bench shirt, tight fabric increases blood pressure = muscles can contract with more force. He can sure do that but people should be aware of all the subtle things that hero-worshipers will never mention.

  2. squatting 606-lbs @ 5'6 170-lbs….while worlds apart from what I can do right now as a non-competitor squatting over 3.5x his BW I thought would be low for an Olympic medalist. World champ. I would have thought he'd need to lift 4x his BW…or any one competing at any level. Guess not. Maybe it's about who did better that day and had clean lifts. More than the max weight lifted.


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