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Lu Xiaojun (77kg, China) 200kg Clean & Jerk Training Hall Session 2015 World Weightlifting Championships

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  1. When oly lifters are doing the whole movement you sometimes forget that there is an ATG front squat with like 400 lbs. They stand up from the bottom position so effortlessly.

  2. The Chinese are one of the best lifters in the sport. Especially at the olympic level. Which is amazing in that lifting isn't a popular sport culturally. Most Chinese are not about muscle and building up size. Y:et China produces some of the best (some might say "the best" and cleanest lifters in the world). Any time some joker pokes fun at Chinese guys (who don't lift) should watch videos like this. 🙂 Chinese (China) do things so well. At the world level. Gymnastics. Olympic lifting. Fencing…etc.

  3. how do you manage to drag the bar up your thighs like that without making you unable to have grandchildren? is there some kind of snail-like retracting action that I’m unaware of?

  4. Do you know how strict is the pick for those athletes? They start from the age of 3 and are later picked based on their potential and progress. This dude is picked among millions of weightlifters in China as the best one. Add around 15 years of brutal training. Thats why we can never be even close to him…


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