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Interview witn Lex Griffin

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I’ve always been into physically orientated activities ever since I was a child and have played everything from Tennis to American Football, which in Britain is not easily done! I first found an interest in weights after growing up watching Arnold and Sly and thinking “that’s what a man should look like!” So when given the chance to join a gym at the local athletics track I used to run at I did and started straight away. For years I just did all body training alongside continually playing basketball, football and rugby but it was at University that I began to really hit the weights with the intention of gaining muscle. Initially it was just so I could hit harder in the tackles and be more explosive but when I started to see gains I became addicted to the Iron Bashing! I was studying for my Biology Degree at the time and had a good knowledge of the human anatomy and the physiological system.

This led me to begin researching diet, muscular hypertrophy, training techniques and development through weight orientated training. I utilised the array of material available to me through my course and within literature I found and developed a good basic understanding of split training regimes, dietary requirements and techniques.

Literally overnight I made huge lifestyle changes to incorporate everything I had learnt and been told by those I looked up to, from that point on I have consistently maintained a healthy diet, solid training regime and goal set. I’m always challenging myself so when I left university I took up Muay Thai and crossed over into Mixed Martial Arts where I adapted my training to a more cross fit style regime as I began to compete at a professional level. Three years were spent training and fighting in which time I slimmed down to around 72 kilos and lost a lot of the bulk I had gained but in its placed developed a very lean and functional physique, not to mention a very high level of cardiovascular fitness.

What was really interesting was the way my body reacted. Due to the level of fitness and muscular development I had achieved from the years of fight training my body adapted very quickly to the new training and I achieved good lean gains in a short period of time which was fantastic! Don’t get me wrong I was busting my ass to get them and the strength of mind I had gained from the beat downs you get in fight camps put me on another level with training (so much so I went through training partners quicker than tubs of protein! Haha) but it was great to see continual gains over a 6 month period.

I love training and the results and goals I achieved was a great motivation but I’m the kind of person that’s always needs to be challenged, to have some point to what I’m doing, otherwise I find you can go a little stale and can lose interest. It’s this need that led me to compete in the Musclemania Fitness Britain in which I achieved an Overall victory in the Regionals and third place in the Nationals! Not bad for a first run at the stage and definitely a big step for me now as I always have to better myself, so look out 2012!
Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation comes from the sheer love of training, in any form, and competition with myself to always achieve more from month to month and overcome any obstacles that may cross my path.

As we all know nothing is smooth sailing but it’s the way in which you overcome barriers or obstacles that ultimately defines who you are and what you will achieve. It’s the determination and commitment to overcome that separates the greats from the average.
What workout routine has worked best for you?

I find split body part training to be the best form of developing a well-muscled physique alongside some functional cardio such as Bag work and HIIT training. When muscle mass wasn’t something I needed the Cross Fit style training was great for developing the lean, cut look but requires you to really push yourself at a fast pace to see the best results.

Full Routine:

I don’t have fixed days for each muscle group or training due to work commitments but I ensure that I get 4 days a week in each week, as evenly spaced as possible. I’ve been training for about 2 years now in purely bodybuilding terms but have trained athletically for well over 10 years so I have a good broad knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for me. As such I will adjust workouts on the day dependant on how I feel or if I have any strains etc. but as a rule they will follow the same structure in essence which is a High to Low reps with increased weight each set if possible or drop sets if not.

Variable angles and grips are always utilised and intensity is ALWAYS high!



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