A slideshow of classic bodybuilders from WW II to the era of “Pumping Iron,” set to “Conquest of Paradise” by Vangelis.


  1. My top 5 favorite (I don't care about titles but rather the impact and inspiration on other people and mostly me of course 🙂 ): 1 Steve Reeves; 2 Vince Gironda; 3 Dorian Yates; 4 Kai Greene; 5 Rich Piana – no kiddin about this one, after I watch any of his videos I instantly feel need to eat or train 😀 Honorable mention – Ben Pakulski – I like his work ethics and scientific approach which allow him to compensate "bad" genetics for bodybuilding and compete at the top level.

  2. Bill Pearl is my favorite and Larry Scott a close 2nd.  I get turned off by today’s bodybuilders who are enormous but look bloated like they are pregnant in the mid-section. The old school symmetry is pleasing to my eyes.

  3. Sergio Olivia had the X-frame of unbelievable mass and a tiny waist. Dave Draper should've won an Olympic or Universe at the very least. Serge Nubret was a work of art, a black Adonis. Reg Park looked amazing; a real life Perseus. And of course there's Arnold who's the modern day Hercules

  4. The ending is especially dramatic.
    Jusup wilkosz looking damn Pumped and herculean, bill grant, serge nubret and mike katz posing like bro's. And arnolds finishing picture, closing the golden era with that pose. Love the black and white picture themes and background song. Just a spectacular video. These guys will never return, some of them are already dead. But these pictures will last a long time, to remind us how great bodybuilding once was !

  5. bodybuilding would be more exciting if bodybuilders focus less on size and place more emphasis on sculpture. A big body with simple definition is unimpressive. There weren't short cuts then.


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