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Watch the official trailer for the feature documentary Lee Priest Vs Bodybuilding – chronicling the controversial bodybuilding career of Lee Priest that eventually led to him being banned from the IFBB for life.

In the 1990s, Lee Priest was once a young, extremely talented, and promising professional bodybuilder heading straight for champion status and success. He was also an outspoken and blunt personality that broke many of the rules set by the professional bodybuilding league. After many fines and suspensions, Priest received a lifetime ban from professional bodybuilding. He has since made it his mission to speak his truth regarding the sport of bodybuilding and the professional league – earning him a label as the dark horse of bodybuilding. For the first time ever, discover the life story and details of how Lee Priest went from bodybuilding’s future to bodybuilding’s rebel.

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  1. He didnt do anything but speak the truth. Jay says he did it to himself. People give lee the reason to speak up. The truth will never change only peoples lies about him are changing. That speaks for itself.

  2. No way Jay Cutler believes what he was saying in that preview . Jay knows what boundaries not to step over, that’s why he is as successful as he is today . Yes Jay worked very hard but he is not free.

  3. Love him or hate him but he had the best arms ever seen on stage and may be the biggest small guy as he hit 245 once!!

    If he had the fluidity of Shawn Ray, he would have killed it.
    Personality wise, he was not hypocrite and says it as it is just like Rich Piana did.
    but the world don’t like politically incorrect people who says it as it is.

  4. Typical selfish Jay..always kissing IFBB's ass to keep his business and sponsorships intact.. Just like he kicked Kerry out once he was done with bodybuilding and he didn't need her help, went after money digging big ass Latinos.. I can't believe i used to admire that selfish cunt. I'd rather rate Evan Centopani and Lee Haney much more, at least they care, love their family and stay loyal to them.

  5. 1 of the real guys, not a stupid story teller….. Just a legend but just like cutler said, he blacklisted herself but i think thats fine! He dont need that bullshit


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