Lee Haney has had an incredible career of repeat Mr Olympia success along with the greats – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Dorian Yates – the difference is that he’s won the bodybuilding competition eight times! It’s a record that’s only matched by fellow physical hero, Ronnie Coleman.

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  1. Lee is the best of all time! Athletic and still healthy, he knew what it took to be great. he has a champion spirit with brains, the body builders after him were just major roid heads and hgh freaks. Joe Weider said lee was the best ambassador of bodybuilding of all time. Never tore a muscle and still has the Olympia record while everyone else is trying to tie it or beat it. Family , Mr Olympia and business man 🙂

  2. Lee seems like a great guy, happy for that success he had. Does he realize being a decent guy was the primary reason for his BB success? He describes the great upbringing he had….Those plastic weight plates he mentioned were great as a 14 yo because a big 25 pound plastic dumbbell looked like a metal 100….His comments about Matt Mendenhall were very accurate and I thought the same thing in the later 80s. Matt never was even on a Olympia stage…(yes I know he got sick).

  3. I think why Arnold is considered the GOAT is because he was/is so diverse in other things in life not just bodybuilding. Now as a humble I pay my respects furthermore, I feel there were some bodybuilders beating him in the physique game.

  4. One of the best interviews seen regarding fitness and bodybuilding. Lee is very intelligent and lot of what he's saying makes alot of sense. Also holds its weight from a 8 time MR.O and still look good at the age of 60.

  5. There have been bigger but I think Lee still had the overall best all around physique and a thin waste and great abs unlike how the majority look today.Today legs,back and glutes are bigger but abs look fat and they lack vascularity.

  6. Lee would have grown no matter what he did, genetics. He's saying negatives are bad? Maybe in the 80's, but now science has caught up and for years we've known that the negative is the most important part of the exercise in terms of muscle growth

  7. such a lovely man ,but what happened to all his bulk, and man, age has changed him greatly,i  met him in Sydney Australia.what do you think he was taking back then, to look like this now.

  8. Fiercely intelligent and wise, was always proud of Haney but didn’t know he was at smart as he was built. Trained Holyfield! No legacy injuries! Proof is in the eating. .

  9. A very intelligent man asked the right questions by a fantastic interviewer. I've been into bodybuilding seriously for a little over 8 months now (had been training prior, not seriously). I've learned more in this hour and a half than in my past 6 months of research and education! Unreal. Utmost respect for Lee, his achievements & his legacy! Thank you for sharing this with us brother. Have a blessed day

  10. Hearing him speak about his younger years it brings back memories. Plastic weights, turning my bedroom into a gym. Reading all the mags he mentioned. That was an awesome time.

  11. i think he comes across as a bit smug with his fake modest southern stories ….if getting to look like him was as simple as he makes out ,less intensity sensible diet etc why dosent every single person who lifts weights get there . He needs to be more open and honest on his drug use and cut the bullshit fake southern chuckle

  12. During the intro, the man said Haney retired undefeated. I truly wish that people study before they start recording. Lee Haney came in 3rd during the 1983 Mr O contest in Munich, Germany. Yes, he won 8 straight Olympias after that, then retired. Impressive as it is, he was not undefeated

  13. He's conflating mental positivity with his genetic ability. On the one hand, he's noticing how well his body was responding to training at such a young age, and then immediately after that starts attributing his success to positive thinking and mental strength. It's the same thing a lot of successful people say. They tell people "Follow your dreams…Never give up…The mind can overcome any obstacle…You can accomplish anything". But they quickly forget the fact that it's the combination of natural ability/talent with the consistent application of intelligent hard work that is required. And the "intelligent" part of the "intelligent hard work" equation is being able to recognize what you are good at and have a natural talent in, and what you don't. And if you mindlessly throw yourself at achieving a goal that you don't have a natural talent for, all the while telling yourself "Never give up…quitting is for losers…if you can conceive you can achieve…the mind can overcome any obstacle", well…be prepared for reality to educate you.

  14. Unfortunately, all of the religious talk destroyed the interview. I'm sure the interviewer was tired of it too. But Lee Haney is the best and smartest bodybuilder of all time. If he were white, he would be on the top of bodybuilding history and definitely more well-known.

  15. Do bodybuilders ever miss having all the size or huge muscle mass they put on during their path to having the best body in the world after they retire years later and no longer compete?

  16. Lee Haney. To me, this gentleman has always epitomized the best of bodybuilding. He exudes class, grace, humility, and has a spirituality that inspires like few others. Truly a gift to humanity. All the best and God Bless.

  17. I love this guy. This is a real man. Forget all these stupid Alpha Male vids on the internet. This guy is the real deal. He is a world champion bodybuilder 8 times over. Has a good marriage with his wife of 32 years. Stays in shape. Is articulate. Believes in God. Went after what he wanted in life and follows his passion. Is a good role model. This is the type of guy I would want my son to be if I had one.


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