1. Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a dietary Supplement used after exercise. Its goal is to speed up the process of muscle regeneration, replenish lost energy, and reduce the pain associated with intense physical exercise.

    Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a nutritional Supplement designed for professional athletes who want to support the body's recovery process after training. Thanks to a large dose of proteins, amino acids and casein, it reduces muscle pain and speeds up the process of building them. The product is very popular among professional athletes, regardless of the type of discipline they practice.

    Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is a combination of high-quality ingredients. The product includes Optipep ® protein, characterized by high absorption capacity, and peptopro ® casein hydrolysate.

  2. Nutrigo Lab Mass is a nutritional Supplement developed for professional athletes who want to effectively build muscle mass. Regular use of the Supplement in combination with exercise and diet, allows you to get high-quality muscle mass, accelerate muscle growth and improve the body's performance, as well as increase strength.

    The effectiveness of Nutrigo Lab Mass dietary Supplement depends on the ingredients used. This is, among other things, animal protein in the form of Isolac ® isolate, as well as Optipep ® hydrolysate. The effective formula allows you to quickly build muscle tissue, accelerates the regeneration of muscle micro-injuries and replenishes the fuel supply, which is glycogen. Athletes who regularly use Nutrigo Lab Mass can do more repetitions, which leads to maximizing the effect of training. In addition, the dietary Supplement makes it easier to burn


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