“When I reach 500 kg in total, I will immediately have a new target of 505 or 510 kg”
Lasha Talakhadze 13:13

Hi, Olympic weightlifting family!
Earlier I posted a video on my YouTube channel with Georgian Hulk arm-wrestler Levan Saginashvili who is famous for his sky-high results with the barbell. In today’s video you will see another Georgian Titan officially considered the strongest weightlifter in the world – Lasha Talakhadze.
You can watch heavy lifts and weightlifting records performed by this athlete on the channels like ATG (All things Gym), Hookgrip, weightlifting House, etc.
We had unique opportunity to spend together and film one day with Georgian Team in weightlifting training gym in Kamianets-Podilskyi (Ukraine). After the training session, we talked with Lasha and his coach, 2004 Olympic Champion Giorgi Asanidze.
Lasha’s training program for that day was:
07:17 – 210 kg Snatch
09:58 – 305 kg Back Squat
14:45 – 215 kg Power Clean & Split Jerk
16:18 – 275 kg Clean Pull
The best results of Lasha:
220 kg Snatch world record – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_World_Weightlifting_Championships
264 kg Clean and Jerk world record – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_World_Weightlifting_Championships
The best Back Squat – 340 kg 12:58

Worked on the project:
Tanya Shaiko
Yuriy Kuzhelev
Vladimir Matviichuk
Sergii Putsov
Alyona Shovkun
Oleksiy Torokhtiy & sponsored by WarmBody-ColdMind.com



  1. I’m hitting the 40 mark, as a former college American football player and current power and weightlifter, warmup and stretching is so important. I still have been adding to totals to clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, bench press, and squat. I don’t have a trainer, unfortunately, but I review all of my max efforts to see if there are form issues. It’s a mental game; proper diet, sleep, and training cycles with various intensity makes the difference.

  2. Это кому дадут пробиться, а кого на допинге начнут ловить и зажмут, честного соревнования все равно нет, деньги, политика.

  3. Very smart guy .. doesn't have that "hardcore" all or nothing mentality , you notice how he doesn't max out , he emphasises technique etc ..
    A lot of guys in the gym need to chill out and be patient instead of going balls to the wall and getting injured mentally and physically

  4. Oleksiy thank you so much for posting this. It’s such a precious look to the amazing team of the greatest lifter alive today. Really shows how down to earth and passionate these people are. No rage, no ego, just focus, passion and heart. Rare to see, great to see. Thanks again, and i can’t wait for your next seminar in my area, i will surely be there

  5. The correct title has to be "The Most Powerful Man in the World".
    It is well documented and scientifically proven, that during a world record C+J, much more power is generated than an equivalent "powerlifting" world record, for example.

  6. LASHA is a Master of Sport history….. success 220 snatch was an holly power need muscle BUT MIND IN FIRST….. and 220 not like Krastev or Cypko ( was snatch specialists but in obligation to forget clean and jerk aims …..,,,,,,!! Just snatchers….. Behdad Salimi was able to be a snatcher …but like both other he was weak in CJ….. ITS LASHA SUPERIORIT…. EVEN IN CLEAN AND JERK HE CAN CLOSE MASTERS OF THISE EXCERCISE,…..AND MAYBE I HOPE BECOME THE TARANANKO BUSTER,,,,,,LOOOOL JUST 2 KG FOR 266…..

  7. I want do a great party with big drunking for first '' four reds snatch"….. im sure Lasha can do it….. for reds in training he can now.. but ,,WITH COLLARS LOL IN COMPETITION LOOOOL 225 wahouu

  8. I hate "team mentality" for non-team sports. I was in wrestling and we would all get punished if one guy fucked up. For a team sport you need your teammates. You could be the best QB in the world, if your receivers can't catch you're not going anywhere so it would encourage you to get them better. For wrestling, aside for my training partner, no one else's performance mattered for my win. So when we all got punished we would just resent the guy messing up.


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