Heavy weightlifting training: snatch 210 kg, squat 305 kg / 3 – Road to OLIMPIC 2021

Men +109kg. Best competitive result:
Snatch 220 kg – Clean & Jerk 264 kg – Total 484 kg WL WORLD RECORDS



  1. If you want the translation for the interview:
    "I started weightlifting when I was 13. Thanks to my dad, since he was an ex-weightlifter. He wished deeply for me to do weightlifting since he saw some talent in me. I was my father's first student and for around three years I was training with him and then I moved to Tbilisi. I had to train with the national team. I can say that I took my first steps with my father."
    He doesn't seems to be really good with words but I think he gets a bit too tence with the cameras

  2. Лаша дай бог тобі і твоїм тренерам здоров’я і терпіння а саме головне не здаватися в цій ситуації
    Україна з тобою

  3. I really wanted to see Lasha compete this year. He looks great in this video, his arms and legs look more muscular. He powered out of that snatch with 210kg like it was nothing.

  4. Че это он жира так много набрал за последние пару лет? Понятно , что масса решает, но не жировая же!!!

  5. What causes the obvious difference in looks between top level strongmen and olympic weight lifter? Do you need a differnt body composition for that kind of excercise or is it because of doping restictions in the olympics?

  6. For a tall guy, he's got incredible flexibility and the speed at which he snatches the warmup weights as well as his max (or near max) is just ridiculous. Best lifter…ever.

  7. In my humble opinion I truly believe that he is the best there ever was because on top of training hard he has probably got the genetics and the fire and the passion to do what he does so good I mean really people look at the way this man throws that weight around like it's nothing and some of that weight me and you probably couldn't pick up together much respect Lasha, I'm sorry, MR. TALAKAHADZE!!!

  8. Weight lifting is the top of all strength sports… Powerlifters r failed weightlifter.. Body builders r failed Powerlifters… Strongmen.. They just think they the top

  9. I wish I could eat a diet of straight protein shakes two large pizza's and a couple hundred Yahoo's and still out-lift anyone in the Olympics Lasha's Stomach is giving away his secret diet plan on how to become a beast and even make a 5x shirt look like baby gap.


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