History was made this week as Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze hit the heaviest snatch of all-time in a national meet, at 222kg/489lbs.

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  1. No mention of lu's 175 snatch? According to lu xiaojun barbell it's from this week but idk if they're as credible as MA strength and the totally not questionable 220 from liao hui

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  3. Very cool about the data scraping! I pulled together 80,000 lifts from all olympics, world championships, and continental championships between 2005 and 2016 to do some fun analysis– that's why I know that lifters are 7x more likely to attempt a number ending in a "0" versus a number ending in a "9". It was quite an undertaking since it was mostly manual with a little help from an excel macro.

    It will be awesome to have all the data out there!! I've been wanting to compare some data after they got rid of bodyweight and switched to the "first lifted is the winner" rule! I just haven't had time to compile any more of the data myself.


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