Training at Occam Athletics with Ben Claridad (@wizardofoccam) and Mr. Michael Farr aka Silent Mike (@silentmikke). We squatted up to a heavy single and then did some back-off sets of 4 reps. Mike and Alan did cleans from low blocks while Ben matched our weights with snatches from the low blocks. We all finished with heavy triples on the push press.

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  1. Too bad the gym can't afford any collars. If there were any women in the gym, they'd at least have the crossfit excuse that it gets frequent 270 degree glute show-off plate adjustments.

  2. What do you think? You're a fucking tool. The beard just makes you look like more of a tool. Your beard says "dirty" and your face says "I wish I had more hair up top". You made a video of dudes flirting with throwing their whole body out of alignment.

  3. That cue for increased wrist flexion (pre clean and snatch) seems a little wasted since when each lifter then proceeded to take slack out of the barbell which lead to a neutral wrist angle. Thoughts?

  4. Ever try an unweighted pistol squat? Type in "Tapp pistol squat tutorial" (Tapp Brothers) to see how it is done, and then try it if you haven't. Fucking amazingly hard, and I am guessing that many heavy weight tossin' power lifters struggle to do even one perfect form; which I find amazing and non-intuitive.

  5. If it was my gym I would just tell you I'm not responsible if you get hurt. But obviously this ain't your first rodeo and you obviously know what you are doing.

  6. Please please please how do you front rack with your beard? Is it an issue? Does it get caught when you clean? Me and my boyfriend must know feirce debate going on rn

  7. Sooo is the hidden message in this video that i can squat to the best of my ability and still make gains? That everyone performs barbell squats slightly different.. and that's ok. We don't all have to squat the same way to make gains. I'm a big fan of the SS low bar squat method to a degree, but I find it very difficult to perfect.. And maybe I don't have to…..I'm hoping that this is the message


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