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Starring: Kevin ‘The Maryland Muscle Machine’ Levrone

Kevin Levrone https://www.instagram.com/kevinlevrone/
Exile Fitness https://www.instagram.com/exilefitness/
Mr. Olympia LLC http://mrolympia.com/2017/
Arnold Classic https://www.instagram.com/arnoldsportsau/


  1. Bodybuilding and muscles and supplements and steroids are all hilarious…they have fake marshmallow, water balloon muscles.
    If they all stopped that, after a couple of months or six or a year…they would completely shrink, and look normal.

  2. Cool words, but we have to keep in mind that there is barely anything more fading, temporary and volatile like "muscle-tissue" – dedicating a Life for gaining "muscle-tissue" for an Ego-Support is a two-edged thing – gaining Respect, for a while, for these "moments" is demanding discipline, dedication and willingness – this is asking the same time to prepare for your demise aswell. We dedicate our lifes, our health and often social components for our "Ego" which in turn will aswell just vanish and die. Sometimes these injuries are a small reminder how vulnerable our Bodies are – we shall go our way, sacrifice "what ever it takes" (RIP R.Piana) but don't forget, you still have a Brain, Friends and a Family – Kids (hopefully) and don't throw away these things – don't sacrifice too much for a Biceps, Chest or Legs in Diameter. There is some break-even point where stuff gets silly and nonsense imo and gets kinda machoid testosteron-driven BS

  3. Been in the bodybuilding field since the age of 16 years. I saw Arnold at muscle beach in the late 60 and 70 he is one of the most successful bodybuilders. Despite the use of steroids which he denies he is multimillionaire due to his employment as governor and his business investment. Unfortunately the rest of old school bodybuilders suffered Kidney damage due to steroid abuse or chronic damage to the bones. Most bodybuilders end up as trainers or consultant if they survive the politics of fitness industry!!

  4. Kevin Levrone, the man that WAS Mr Olympia in my eyes. Arnold classic multiple champion, the fact he never won a Mr O title is the biggest disgrace in the Weider machine. Go Kev, i your 50's looking better than most 20/30 yr olds in the same game. A true inspirational person!

  5. These guys don't know when to retire !!there body's are breaking down before there will .. kind of stupid 60 or 70 and they can't walk anymore and their bodies are full of pain years and years of abuse will catch up… Dorian could only do it so long and then the injuries started and he was smart enough to say enough is enough


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