Kevin Frasard Q&A – Bodybuilding, Staying Motivated, Dream Guitar, Protein Powders, Etc.

Here’s one of the Q and A videos that I did last weekend, and just been working on a ton of other things all at the same time. Got more of these on the way too, so thank you guys for leaving them in the comments section for me to get to. It’s very hard to keep up with all of the questions, but I’ll do my best to keep going with them. As always, appreciate you all for watching and stay safe out there!!!


  1. Good genetics and solid posing will always slay bad genetics and juice.
    Just like good, patient guitar playing will always slay shitty technical playing.

  2. I used to be in a death metal band called "Deformed by Darkness" back in high school. All the other guys in the band were in there 20s and I was 16. They were absolute shred machines and were as tight as could be. Trying to learn the drums to some of these songs would nearly make me black out and I would pour sweat profusely. I wanted to make the cut as their drummer so bad that I did what ever it took to get where I needed to. Its amazing how after a couple of months the blast beats got easier and you end up being able to conform your drummings to the songs and learn how to add accents and really build the song into something brutal. Although we were death metal we still took photos with corpse paint on holding huge flaming torches lol.

  3. Absolutely 100% agree with your thoughts on just playing as much as possible regardless of your good or bad guitars/equipment. Lots of guys get caught up with getting the best guitars and best gear, but the most important thing is the player, not the guitar!

  4. Kevin if you have not checked it out already please look up the song Christ Raping Black Metal by the band Marduk that song is fucking fast and brutal as shit, it’s black metal so it’s not like Death Metal brutal but it’s fucking bad ass man. Also Rotting Christ is amazing one of my all time favorite black metal bands

  5. Thanks for answering our questions dude, i love 7 string flying V's too, but my favourite guitar would be an 8 string ibanez, specially the S8QM or the Meshuggah models

  6. the learning curve from your first power cords, to palm muting some metallica riffs, to actually clean shred is the must frustrating thing ever lol. when you wanna go fast, but realise youre not even capable of doing it at 50% speed

  7. They do make a neckthrew stringthrew beast. Its called S O B , W M D, son of the beast – weapon of mass destruction. 20% smaller bad ass guitar. There's one on guitar center used right now . Nice midlevel guitar. 2005 guitar

  8. Thanks for answering my question on the parallels between bodybuilding and guitar. I really needed to hear that, sometimes I get disillusioned with the guitar but I believe that discipline will help me… plus I need to get my arse to the gym (when they reopen). Keep it heavy dude!

  9. I had a cheap Schecter for a year. Bought it used for around $120 from Guitar Center and it was great. It handled thicker gauge baritone strings great in B standard tuning. And the stock pickups sounded really good in that tuning through a boss katana 50 first generation.

  10. Kevin just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate your content dude, I’m in kind of a rough spot right now but watching your videos remind me to keep focused on what I’m doin and to never give up. Keeping my stick on the ice.

  11. You have probably heard them, MARDUK is probably my favorite Black Metal band out there.

    They definitely have a Death Metal influence and have good recording quality, not the " Let's keep it TRVE KVLT and record everything on a cassette boom box" that is popular with Black Metal bands.

    Cool video here. Hope all is well for you and the folks here, take care.

  12. 4:55
    Amazon is still shipping – I am very slowly learning that a little bit of tweaking can take a guitar from miserable to at least smooth playing. I bought some cheap ass setup tools (like $10-$15 all in for the straight edge and gapping checkers) and it let me take my $200 1999 AX7512 from dead frets (which with a low B string is immediately deathly to your sustain, because THRONK KLONK) to really smooth all the way up. As long as you don't reef on it and LEAVE YOUR NECK ON UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING, BOLT ON PEOPLE, you can play with it up and down to learn the behavior of your neck, then keep tweaking until you've got it as good as you can, and I think you'll find that many guitars that people struggle with can be re-set up to help their ease and accessibility, which can ABSOLUTELY kill motivation.


    If you start with shit tone you can only polish that turd in post production with a shitload of engineers and spendy gear. It will sound super gross live, which is even worse, really.

    If you use active PU (there are tons of used, even EMG low ends, on Reverb for like $10-20 – even knockoff active PU will work well enough at 20 ish bucks a pair) then your tonewood dependencies will be diminished but if your fretboard isn't set up right you will struggle forever and tear the shit out of your fingers trying to get your fingertone down tight and YOU NEED YOUR GRIP TO WORK PROPERLY ON BOTH HANDS or you won't only plateau, you'll smash into a wall and possibly repetitive stress injury yourself. The reason active PU help correct sloppy initial tone is because the signal gets regenerated and shaped before it gets off the resonant sink (the body, etc, basically the mechanical energy imparted to your guitar by your playing) so that you get a cleaned up signal that has some scoopy going on already so if you have a shit amp it will also help A LOT with the end quality of your end output.

  13. Hey man, I haven't posted on this account for years but it's the main one I watch videos on. I've followed you as long as I can remember, since I was a fucking kid. You were big early on in my guitar playing in making me want to practice. I fell off for awhile and I'm just now grinding again. So stoked to see what your channel is now. Cheers brother–keep on keeping on.


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