Nijat Rahimov of Kazakhstan wins gold in Men’s 77kg Weightlifting in Rio 2016.

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  1. A lot of great lifting in Rio. Notables: Shi in 69k, Rahimov going 4k over WR in 77k with 214 (tho as an old guy I remember Varbanov doing 215.5 as a 75k thirty years ago!); Roshani win in 85k; nice win by Nuridinov in 105k. I would have passed Behdad's 2nd jerk but he still would have been beaten by Lasha, who looked good for a 220+ snatch. He is so young. Bright future if he manages to bypass the positive drug tests.

  2. You've got to wonder if some of the Chinese might want to consider switching from squat jerks to splits. Especially Lu Xaojun. He only did 202 and thought, with the 177 WR, that was enough. WRONG! If he had done only a few k more, he'd have won. (could not see Rahimov going SIX k over WR!).

  3. Behdad the Iranian weight lifter was looking smart. But total weight lift of 458 kg by Georgion Yasha was awesome(258 +220). The jury has been blamed. Professional weight lifters, like Ken Petra lifted 500 kgs over their heads.

  4. Am I the only one that thinks that lift shouldn't have counted? Like he was still walking and wobbling… he didn't hold it. This is terrible judging. He even looks for the lights because he knew it wasn't a good lift. BS Lu is better.

  5. Those are some fcked up genetics how is it humanly possible to clean and jerk like 2.6 times your body weight. If squatting 3 times your weight isn't enough how about lifting that over your head xD.


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