For the first time on my channel the bodybuilding documentary that many consider my and Kai’s finest work.

What does it take to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world? And what happens when you fall short of that goal?

This is the inside story of bodybuilding legend Kai Greene’s first attempt to win the Mr. Olympia title.


  1. Honestly Kai should have won a few Olympias in bis career, but they just are not going to give the largest title and face of a multi-billion dollar industry to someone who has a video of him fucking an orange. Is it right NO, but it's the way human nature and business is, and this is a business really, not a contest. The Arnold is a contest, that's the true champion.

  2. Great documentary! Kai Greene, as a TEENAGER, was traveling the world to compete. Kai complained in this video about his placing, years later Kai complained about taking 2nd over and over… and ultimately complained about his booth at the Olympia and never came back. Kai spent the majority of his career painting a picture so that people felt sorry for him so he was the people's champ… how many of us that compete were traveling the world as a teen competing… do you see Branch, Phil, Jay, Dexter complaining like this their whole careers? I have always wanted to like Kai, but beyond the picture he paints the facts, over time, show a person that feels sorry for himself.

  3. These three men had perfect chemistry. Oscar was perfect for Kai and Mike was perfect to capture these moments before the show and portray what he was seeing and feeling being there. No one could have done it better.

  4. not many come to your level /you are like the phyoenix bird/do you think kai did everything you did for you?/it's all for those who dream to be like Kai G/we live in some dreams come true others do not/you lose continue winning continues/good luck

  5. This is the best bodybuilding documentary ever made, thanks Mike for doing such a great job and for giving us this beautifull gift, ever thought about making a documentary about kai's life right now since he took another path in life , i believe Alot of people would like to see that including me.
    Also it almost makes me wanna cry after watching how much effort kai has put in and knowing the troubled life he came from and never winning the olympia , in my eyes he is a champion! I respect this man more then i respect myself.

  6. Gd video, camara man is almost as dramatic as kai … It was so obvious he wasnt going to win at that show, he looked gr8,but ifbb always reward their own(its a business afterall)
    Yes Fckd up & unfair on this guys who go thru hell preping.
    Was hoping to see his drug cycle too. ..why is that never mentioned /shownd… . Thats <50% of prep. if not more !

  7. Excellent documentation skills. Plenty of known directors dont do half as well. I like the monkish atmosphere that kai and his training gives off through out the course of these videos. Well done to all parties.

  8. I love kai, oscar but my respect in this documentary just changed from just those two to include the man behind the camera as well when the part about him respecting wha they are doing and worrying about getting in the way came up, put it in a whole new light.

  9. KAI – you're flirting with a possible catastrophic TORN PEC with those heavy low rep flat bench presses. i've seen too many torn pecs over the years from HEAVY LOW REP FLAT BENCH PRESSES. in the future, be careful, be VERY careful.

  10. The problem with isolation and over consentration is that it increases the sensitivity to failure it takes deeper and deeper concentration to perform a simple task it requires more and more motivation the chance of failure is heightened I experienced this in school when I got q bad mark there was a pressure build up to do better on the next test then I would do worse then more pressure on the next and so on until things that were easy before became over thought over thinking increases chance of failure
    People that overthink are motivated increasingly by fear what happens is the more you fail the more you prepare to fail that's why kai philosophises so much he has over complicated his self to better handle his failures he complicates the pursuit to match his feelings when failure comes

  11. The secret to success is not this isolated attitude extreme focus
    To the point of self consciousness look at the successful bodybuilders they had fun they focused but they didn't isolate to this extreme arnold eas out laughing going to the beach partying then focused 100 in the gym if you focus too much it desensitizes that focus and devalues it


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