Over the year’s the world’s perception of Kai Greene has shifted. When we first released the original Generation Iron – Kai was seen as a mysterious, intelligent, and poetic bodybuilder. A rare change from traditional bodybuilding super stars. This is still true of Kai today – though his whimsical philosophizing can sometimes be too long winded for some. That’s why I wanted Kai to be a part of Generation Iron 2 – so he can cut through the crap and be honest, raw, and real while still maintaining the intelligent though process that makes Kai something special.

But as I have stated in previous Iron Cinema’s as of late – we couldn’t fit all of the interview into Generation Iron 2. That’s why in this extended interview I dig deeper with Kai about his past – such as being put on suicide watch because he was training so hard during his institution years. I also dig deeper about the future – namely if the bodybuilding industry truly is too small for Kai’s very big aspirations. See yet another side of Kai Greene in our latest Iron Cinema interview above.

– Vlad Yudin

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  1. If you wanna be the best you have to beat the best, there is no shying away. You do not develop your body to that extent to not compete for your pleasure. If he was so intelligent he would defeat Phil. I believe Kai has overcome more than most any of us will in life, but that gives him no right more than any other man in their profession to just give up. Do doctors give up mid surgery and just say "well fuck it, this doesn't feel right I'm going to go home and do this when I'm ready"? No. He does the fuckin surgery and saves the fuckin life. Kai quit on that life because he is what. Afraid of the sport? Of Phil? You have to be the best to be the champion. Work the hardest, be the best. Stop making excuses, Kai.

  2. maan I swear to god everyone is fed up from ur bull shit & bull shit talks.. Stop bitching, shut the fuck up & get ur ass the fuck up on that O stage like a man & battle with real men.. Stop hiding behind them Arnold Classic(s) like a bitch! & get the fuck outta the closet u bitch ass Nigga! No body wanna hear nor interested anymore of what u got to say. Do the work & stop talking (bitching) about it!… U 2014 got pregnant by Phil U!.. That's how mad u made us. The public has spoken! & we not gonna by into ur bull shit no more!

  3. Was hoping he was going to become the first HOMO body builder. Yes, you read that right. As a gay black man myself (yes, amazing, I know) I was really hoping that this mumbling oaf would reach the top of his "sport" to "represent" us. But no. He had to go "full-homo" and did gay porn, dancing/posing like a damn asylum escapee and painting pictures of cocks. Please. Hardly material for the ultra-commercial bullshit Mr Olympia. Peace.

  4. I had know idea that Kai is an intellectual…who knew..
    why do all muscle heads think …that everyone else is stupid..
    but everyone else knows that muscle heads are dumb as fuck

  5. trill will hello Mr Kia Greene first and for most I would like to give you and appolgy for being a lack luster aberrant. personaitly I have come to the conclusion of displaying my pain with effortless madness it was out of my charter and for how I slandered your name is the same way I am apologizing in a public ordinance social media comments as for your trill fans come back to compete in what you used to believe once a point in time the best sport. that's body building

  6. I love this guy's personality… but I hate how he built himself up to look like a freaky piece of shit. There's pictures of him online before all the crap extra size and he looked absolutely EPIC. I wish he stayed that way and became the real ambassador of the sport, not a freak show.

  7. That guy gives me really back my hope in mankind. If Isee all these narcissist youtubers, got nothing to say apart from their physical bullshit and half-knowledge. This is actually a real man, with adult thoughts and mentality. I enjoy watching you talk Mr. Kai Greene

  8. He's really thoughtful and bright when you might not think of him like that. He seems genuine and real unlike the others. He's not babbling… The faggot commenting under me is a straight Bitch!

  9. Vlad thank you for featuring Kai who is the most intellectual person i have ever hear speak. His vast knowledge of not only bodybuilding but life is unchallenged by top scientists and scholars and to put the title Mr and a Olyimpia Mr. Kai Green even tho he deserves it just wouldn't do him justice because he is much much more than that. He is an artist at core he is the BEST ambassador for the sport of BB I mean come on do you actually think about Phil Heath could even hold a normal conversation with Kai lol yeah i dont think so either. Kai already promotes body building the way someone carrying the title of Mr. O should so that just goes to show you his mind set. He knows where he should be he knows he blows Heath out of the water so there's nothing more to say except give Kai his dam crown wich he rightfully deserves. Yes Kai is way to big for BB. How dare you try to contain such talent in one thing when he shines in many. Love ya Kai and hope to see you soon on the O stage getting yours.. And awesome job Vlad. Im in awe of you and quite jealous to be honest that you got to have such an in depth conversation with a true genius..


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