In keeping with the last few weeks of the Real Bodybuilding Podcast, Justin Harris joins us for a nutrition lesson in episode 47! Get those pens out and enjoy the free information!



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Time Stamps:

09:08 – Being too fat inhibits growth in the offseason.

17:20 – How to eat big to get big.

22:05 – Insulin.

28:15 – Carb cycling Justin’s way.

40:37 – Real client diet examples.

46:42 – Training split and Carb cycling.

50:19 – Growing with the diet to be able to eat more and not get fat.

56:01 – What foods, varieties to eat.

59:44 – Do you need all Essential Amino Acids at every feeding? Do you need to eat every 2-3hrs?

1:04:43 – Why EAA’s instead of BCAA’s and is it ok for fasted cardio?

1:11:37 – Worrying about your diet, stress, cortisol.

1:14:40 – Client coaching and importance of health to Justin.

1:17:53 – Hosstile Q&A


  1. Loved this podcast, when Justin was talking about the long run etc and all the small changes adding up I was like, hes doing the bodybuilding equivalent of al pacinos any given sunday speach about football being a game of inches!

  2. Good podcast as usual! I should have asked a question as I have celiac disease myself and i'm sure Justin would be knowledgeable about this, it's a big pain when it comes to bodybuilding. Was un-diagnosed for a long time and I still managed to gain muscle so when my gut is fully healed I cannot wait!

  3. Amazing episode. Really getting into this podcast, after seeing you on M&S. On a bulk after dropping 60 pounds in 9 months to about 8-10 percent per caliper test. This information is super helpful!

  4. That was def awesome vid, one thing I would have liked to hear him talk about or give an opinion on would be the cost/benefit or varying food choices, from the video I kinda took away was that there are really just a handful of foods that bodybuilders really eat, he'd mention rice, and basically eat chicken most of time, and it sounded like his client u pulled diet up for was mainly not varying food much at all. Was just curious about what he thought about the body "rejecting" or "becoming allergic" to constantly eating same foods (is that a myth is it just mentally your body does it because growing up the brain wanted you to eat a variety of foods to survive). Just wanted to hear his thoughts about that topic, I'm sure he varies foods (he gives a food list) but it sounds liek there are some he would say eat this as long as you can until its not working, im guessing, but he would have a method for determining when its not working.

  5. FINALLY!! Someone who explains that calories in vs calories out work overall but NOT for bodybuilding, PROPERLY!!! Man you are just getting ALL the best people for these podcasts recently Fouad, thank you man!

  6. Holy shit. This show was a total favorite. I love how Justin blew the top off a few old school rules. As soon as the show ended I had my wife thaw 3 Lbs of chicken breast. I’ve been one to eat more than one shake a day but I will try eating better now. Thanks Fouad. Your shows are totally packed with awesome content.

  7. Fouad I think a good thing to do with the coaches is do a livestream podcast then at the end you can ask viewers for questions regarding the session. Thanks for the great info Hoss

  8. c´mon Fouad did u really have to skip the deload question? Way too less BB´s are talking about that stuff and it would´ve been great to hear justins approach on it. It would be cool if you could talk with sb like justin in a feature episode about it, also periodization and so on 🙂 Great Episode by the way..absolutely loved it!!

  9. Thi was one of my favorite episodes, the next best one must have been the one with patrick tour on training. I hope you have more guys on talking about training variables, periodiation and how we can get the most out if by periodizing it with nutrition and supplements together with it.

  10. I'm not sold on all his views tbh. The thing about protein in your stomach isn't right, it'll be in your gut but it shouldn't be in your stomach or small intestine many hours(8+) later, unless you have some digestive issues; and absorption of nutrients happens most in the small intestine. So I wouldn't write off the aminos with fasted cardio yet. Also I think data can't always be extrapolated to validate ideas (the fasted blood sugar only being a couple grams less sugar in the blood than with a meal) – the difference between a normal blood glucose fasting range and that of someone with diabetes can be as close as 26mg/dl which in using his method based off actual grams in the blood would sound like nothing but obviously it must have an effect.
    I think a lot of science can't apply to bodybuilding personally as at the extremes it doesn't make sense. People will diet away their legs over dieting getting peeled for a show while people might preach they won't lose muscle if they're on a boatload of drugs and high protein which isn't the case. I've seen a lot of people who say when they split up their carbs and fats so they didn't consume meals high in both they found better fat loss which doesn't back up the people who say meal timing is irrelevant.

  11. I appreciate that he shared so much including an actual diet setup for a client. It really gives great insight into the overall thinking. I know some of these guys think they shouldn't give away anything (and they shouldn't give any 'real' info away for free) but sharing things like that really is like a free advertisement. I'm damn near ready to hire the guy after watching this and I think many feel the same. I think how coy some of these guys are with their approaches actually costs them business. Granted, many of them don't know why they do what they do so some of the coy-ness is due to not having an answer. Bravo on this great listen and awesome info.

  12. I never heard of Justin and 1 day I saw him one day a video on my feed from EliteFTS With him in it….I watched it and man oh man….this dude is really smart. I’m surprised he doesn’t hav a bigger following like Layne Norton or John Meadows. This was awesome. Lots of great information.

  13. I swear after watching this I feel like such a dumb ass. I used to tell folks nutrition is really not rocket science. Then Hoss brings on a rocket scientist. LOL 🙂 Thanks for the information, Hoss.

  14. I had a question any chance of getting these guys as guests Jose Raymond, Toney Freeman, Cedric McMillian, Branch Warren, flex Lewis, Flex Wheeler, Willam Bonac, Akim Williams , Juan Morel,
    Jason Huh, Frank McGrath, John Meadows, Dave Tate, Breon Ansely

  15. In my opinion this is potentially the most informative episode of this podcast you've ever done. So much of this information is pertinent to my current training, diet, and supplementation protocol, thank you so very much for this. If you ever have the opportunity please bring Justin back on, this information is invaluable

  16. I watch every podcast. Each time guys (whoever they'll be) are talking about eating in an offseason, I'm getting an impression that Fouad is always hoping for someone to tell him: "Yes Fouad, you CAN eat pizza and other sh*t, it's ok!" 😀 haha It's so obvious XD

  17. I'm curious to see how Ben's condition will look on stage after this off season plan. I like it a lot in theory, and the factors of insulin that might contribute to the effects on conditioning seem to be accounted for, but i've always felt like insulin seems to change the look of even a very lean bodybuilder for some reason. It will be cool to see what this looks like

  18. One thing that I think caused you and Justin to disagree on the part of why eating complete proteins every 2-3 hours is an effective strategy is that leucine, an EAA, has a strong effect on stimulating muscle protein synthesis, as well as inhibiting muscle degradation. So yes, if necessary you can complete an incomplete protein with some lingering blood aminos, but you are missing the benefit of the upregulated protein synthesis from ingesting adequate amounts of leucine.

  19. I might be wrong but I remember you saying in another podcast that you ( and your interviewer agreeded) that at the begining of a bodybuilder career you should bulk hard and get the most of it. Then after having a lot of muscle, it would be better to do a more lean bulk approach. So that would be opposite to saying to keep your bodyfat in the range of 6-12%, that it seems really low to me.


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