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1:30 seconds for the strength training
0:30 seconds jump rope regular bounce (½ lb rope)
15 rounds total

20 air squats
30 push-ups
15 weighted squats
10 reps Incline DB press
10 reps Flat DB press
12 reps front DB lunges
8 reps Squat and press DB
12 reps DB bicep curl
12 reps back DB lunges
10 reps Weighted dips
1 min Plank
15 reps DB hanging deadlift
12 reps (each exercise) Rotator cuff
12 reps DB front raises
1 min Mountain climbers

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  1. Yo, I used to do exactly this at the gym, just mix up the exercises to keep my BPM up. Glad this isn't just an ineffective schedule! JRD keep it coming!!

  2. I must admit you guys are so creative and motivational. I just came across your channel last week and I can’t stop watching your vids. Ive always wanted to find a workout that’s simple, effective and fun. Going to the gym gets boring. I watch a lot of boxing videos and noticed almost all fighters jump rope. I even went to 5 and below and bought a jump rope with my friend. Continue to be great and thank you for all that you guys do.

  3. Question: I've been jumping rope for 6 months now. Lost weight. Built a little muscle because i do push ups and chin ups.

    I feel like my body aches every day i get up. It gets better later in the day and i can work out with ease.

    But mornings suck everyday. Does anyone else have/had that issue?

    Any suggestions are appreciated. TY

  4. Amazing as usual, dudes! Could you maybe do a routine for thighs and lower abs specifically?

    Perfect timing by the way, just got off work and crossed the street to hit the gym (yes my work and the gym are neighbours, lol). Saw your upload, so I decided to chill on the couch next to the bar of the gym, just so I could checkout your video. And now its time to #DoTheThing, once again, amazing video boys!

    #JumpRopeDudes #JRDNation #CrossRopes

  5. Smooth. I've been trying to do this myself for a bit.. but um… Can you do a video for us who can't (or don't) get to a gym? Ie…alternative to an incline press, dips….

  6. 5:56 never do this exercise. The force of the weight is downward but the muscle being targeted is the rotator cuff which abducts the arm to the side. Use a cable machine to do this exercise to avoid injury.

  7. Please, 1 video focusing arms only, and another 1 focusing only chest would be great. Certainly with this concept of only using a jump rope and dbells, since those are 2 items that pretty much everybody can afford. And these will produce exercises that can be done everywhere.
    Would sincerely appreciate it, thanks in advance.


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