With the obesity epidemic spreading quickly in teens and even pre-teens, parents are looking for ways to help their kids get in shape and stay fit. One possible solution, weight lifting, is also controversial. CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports on whether kids can lift weights or do other adult-type sports.

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  1. everytime my dad catches me in the apartment gym lifting weights. he says my nuts are gonna stay small. but im fine. and pretty fit for a kid my age (14). im like dad. I get hella bitches now. and my dick is still huge lmfao

  2. Yes why not , I don't now who came up that weight training is not good for kids in terms of growth, however I will say that kids tends to have problem with controlling incentric portion of movment , but that can be easy teach by learning a movment pattern correctly and repetition .

  3. I think lifting have a great value , but the best application for kid is volume, so it will allow them to build muscle and perfect the movments without over fatigning by havy weight for example 1RM Max effort.

  4. "Should kids/teenagers lift weights?"

    Why would that even a question?
    Kids back in villages are physically tougher than those in the city. Why? Because they lift stuff when they help out in farms, gardens, fields, traditional markets, etc.

  5. What's the difference between a farm kid lifting a hay bale or a Maine kid lifting a lobster trap or a kid in the weight room. Not a lot if done sensibly. Make it fun, make it educational, give it purpose and the rest will take care of itself.

  6. buh this is werid. I can lift my 125 pound mom with all my strength (can't lift a inch of my dad's 180 pound frame yet) and I can lift 50 pounds in a hand–at 10 years old.

  7. At my highschool i noticed that most of the kids in weightlifting classes were short and most of them are older than me. Im 15 and 5'8, 125lbs and have tried to hold off on taking a wieght training for as long as possible because i want to wait until i hit my growth spurt to start lifting weights because im afraid it will affect my growth. But my baseball coach is making kids who aren't in a weight training class go to the weight room in the afternoons.

  8. You should start training when you hit puberty to amplify muscle gains with testosterone, lifting weights to gain muscle doesnt make sense if you're pre pubescent, its wasted effort


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