My Favorite Preworkout Is


  1. Thanks for answering. I'm starting to work out, trying to lose some weight and build up some muscle and I was just about to start and was going to "Static" stretch. Good thing I looked up what to do before you work out. Thanks for the help.

  2. So…. for working out in a gym (bodybuilding) … you don't stretch your muscles to get them warmed up to avoid injury because in your work out exercises your already stretching your muscles. And once your done to loosen up your muscles its good to do cardio.
    That's how I understood it, so then… Is it okay to use a treadmill? and how intense should I go in resistance of speed, should I walk, jog, or should I run? And for how many minutes?

  3. I cant tell you what speed to use, this depends on how long your limbs are and how fast you feel comfortable doing the cardio. You should walk for a few minutes then bring it to a fast walk or light jog for at least 30-55 minutes. One day you can do running intervals just to help increase your normal walking cardio speed in time.

  4. wow, lmao when u were eating ur muscles lol omg i do that shit too when i feel pumped but when no ones looking… anyway so glad i didnt stretch that much preworkout because now i know it reduces the amount u can lift by 8.3 percent! i only need to stretch more post workout to help recovery cuz i have like a 2/3 day recovery for most muscle groups when it should be at most 1 day (cuz i wanna be back a the gym asap lol), though i am seeing pretty good gains lately… thanks for the vid!!


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