Bio-mechanics platforms allow weightlifters to increase strength whilst avoiding injury by observing their posture on a computer screen.

Discover the amazing technology that takes Olympians even further in the “The Tech Race”:

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  1. This has no practical implication at all, and won't help lifters technique anymore than a great coach would alone. You don't need tools to measure bad technique.

  2. It's not a question of having all the data points an athlete can obtain, it's how to interpret those data points. The machine is useless without a coach that knows what that information means and knows their athlete.

  3. For a video made by the official Olympic channel, the explanation sounds ridiculously amateur. The force plate and motion cameras merely provide a biomechanical analysis.The analysis does not tell you what is "wrong" with the lifter's motion, it only gives you the statistics. What needs to change is for the coaches to decide.


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