Watch URLife’s Transformation, Strength & Conditioning Specialist – Sandeep Raj share about the Do’s & Don’ts of Weight Lifting!

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  1. Good morning Upasana Madam. I hope you are doing well. Madam, can you please make a video, to explain us steps to be taken by thyroid patients( It may be hypo or hyper). what food they have to take, other things what they have to do to get alleviate better. Its my humble request, I hope you will consider it.

  2. Madam, what is amniotic fluid? At the time of operation to my sister-in-law and my aunt, doctor said you both have less amount of amniotic fluid, it may harm child or your health. Unfortunately , my aunt lost her baby. My sister-in-law followed medicine prescripted by doctor and now she is fine. she gave birth to girl baby 5 months back. What steps need to be taken by pregnants to have enough amniotin fluid? Is is hierarchical? It may help to some other people. I can say it to my relatives. When I get married, I can follow same to my wife.


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