Evan Centopani
Frank Mcgrath
Jason Huh
Roman Fritz
Animal / YouTube
Phil Heath
Regan Grimes
Regan / YouTube
Chris Bumstead
Chris / YouTube
Kevin Levrone
CT Fletcher
Rich Piana
Flex Lewis
Dennis Wolf
Dexter Jackson
Dexter / YouTube
Tristen Esco
Lee Labarada
Generation Iron
Generation Iron / YouTube


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  2. I'm watching this now ! and I got tears in my eye's coz this guy is not around anymore , but he is and always will be in my motherfucking heart forever .Rich I thank you!!! for the bottom of my heart coz you always stand by me and motivate me no matter what!!!

  3. Evan Centopani isnt in this one because he is a damn bodybuilding chef! haha Go watch some of his MANY cooking videos guys. Makes you realize if you want to eat for size, health, AND taste it is possible with knowledge and appropriate ingredients. But I do understand the warrior mentality of eating the nitty gritty and have nothing against it.

  4. Lol it's funny that we've turned eating the PROPER foods that our bodies evolved from and operate efficiently on, to thinking it's weird and OCD. Food is fuel, period. Yea certain stuff tastes great and is good to have occasionally, but eating like a bodybuilder should be the goal for EVERYONE. If everyone ate clean we wouldn't have such insanely high insurance premiums and drains on the healthcare system as a whole. People don't understand that eating right and exercising can cure SO MANY common medical ailments that require either medication or surgery. HOWEVER, never will I eat boiled chicken hahahaha

  5. It's true when the gym bros say "This isn't for pleasure, This is for purpose" thank you for sharing this vid it really touches home for me and what i do. People just don't get it….they call me a freak for how i eat, so i can them weak for how they choose to live.


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