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  1. Man , your ego is flabergasting . Get over yourself, life is more than screaming in the gym and walking around like your invincible.
    I competed nationally in the my day and won many shows. Bodybuilding is not my life , but an extension of who I am. Being humble and showing humility gets you more respect! This video was cringeworthy to say the least. I competed in 15 shows and won many and lost many. You know how many great bodybuilders I know , that were way better than you are now struggling from withdrawal symptoms of egomania?

  2. Twelve years ago i was the same like this guy. And i feel like i have lost my youth. It's shitty way of life. Nowdays i can't sacrefice so much things.

  3. yeah im very introverted with social anxiety so having people around me can be a distraction. i give a shit about what strangers think of me so just their presence without them actively doing something distraction is still a strong enough distraction already sometimes.

  4. Dont apreciate the tough guy act and rhe f.bombs..i love dogs but i am not a dog. I am.a bodybuilder..You on the other hand look.skinny af for "decades" of training..i am out.

  5. Everybody acts like it all steroids. These same idiots don’t realize they can take all the same things in twice the doses as all these guys and you would never even be able to tell they are on something. Their physique still looks like trash. It’s all the hard work, consistency, dedication 24/7 and everything else that goes into getting a body like that. Gear just takes and maximizes all the hard work your already doing. So keep crying it’s all steroids because you can’t a decent looking physique because your far to weak mentally/physically to put in the work


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