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This video is an outline of my “bodybuilding” training while I’m very far away from olympic weightlifting competition. This is hypertrophy focused and there are limits to strength and power movements.


  1. He does it again! Awesome video! I have a question. So in the video you recommend not to snatch anything over 75-80% 1rm while running a hypertrophy program, but what about c&j? Are you taking a break from them because they’ll be too taxing to fit in your program or are you still doing them and just haven’t mentioned?

  2. I can see doing a different volume and intensity for squats, but I'm not sure that squatting once a week is best for building muscle. I don't think it's controversial when I say squatting is one of the best ways to build leg muscle.

  3. Great video but 5×12 doesn't mean anything. 5×12 at what RPE/RIR? To do 5×12 with the same weight you would have to start with RIR so low that the first 2-3 sets would not stimulate hypertrophy. There is either gonna be drop off of reps or you will need to lower the weight in later sets to get the 5×12 at appriotate effort that is stimulating. Maybe it is specified in your template but I think it should be in the video too. I know I am nitpicking but besides that I watched every video on your channel and I really like your content. Great work!

  4. Personally I do powerlifting, trying to get good at weight lifting and I avoid all machines. Doesn’t build the same strength and muscle compare too example you doing lat pull downs I think the pull ups especially weighted pull ups are superior muscle hypertrophy

  5. Nice info on this video. So what suplimentscdo you use to get your elbows and shoulders to recover? if your on or have ever used steroids never mind on that. Do you care or worry that your competition is using roids and blockers to hid detecting them? How tall are you. What's a good height to compete at

  6. Isn't it redundant to do both Pullups and Latpulldown? And can you go into further detail on what hypertrophy would be more beneficial for weightlifting aside from in your legs?

  7. I would actually suggest higher frequencies to keep your strength. Your power will obviously decay, but quads do struggle with low frequency! I’d hit them 1.5x per week at least, if not twice.

  8. great video.i am also doing hypertrophy training at the moment.

    i can make good progress at e.g. 1-arm Db-Rows with

    1 Set of 10 @ RPE 10
    Adding 1kg per week

    Same with squats.
    I can progress very well on 1X10 max effort squats, add two kilos and repeat. one session per week.
    Week 1: 1X10 @180
    Week 2: 1X10 @182

    Is there any reason why i should do 2 sets of 10 or increase volume in any way?
    Will 2X10 at a lower weight/RPE produce more muscle?
    I dont understand this.

  9. Zack,

    First, I want to thank you for your channel. Between your channel and Catalysts Athletics channel I get a lot of great content for my weightlifting. So on to my situation. I am a novice weightlifter. I’m not weightlifting to compete. I weight lift because I truly enjoy it. With that being said, I started weightlifting in June of 2019 and have been going strong since. I do C&J work on Monday’s and Snatch work on Thursday’s. The other day’s I work on improving my overall technique. I am getting bigger and stronger from the lifting movements, but I’m not getting the definition I truly am want. How can I incorporate some bodybuilding work in my weightlifting work?


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