EP6 – Hunter Labrada IFBB Tampa Pro Debut – Hunter Arrives in

In this video, you’ll join Hunter Labrada for a workout at Dave Bautista’s Lion Den Gym. Follow Hunter through the final week and onto the stage at the Tamp Pro 2020.

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  1. I always admired lee and larry scott,and a few others with the muscle like hercules not like juiced up haha.I like that hunter folled in dads footsteps like others have done in many sports.humble hunter is a good kid at 28 and when his muscle matures he will be a monster.My man lee priest give s props and i agree.

  2. Man, you looked absolutely fantastic! I see you cracking top 6 at the Olympia. I can see how proud your pop is. Such an awesome moment and what a memory you created. Lee still looks amazing.

  3. Hunter, CONGRATULATIONS! I so look forward to seeing you at the Olympia in December! You have a great physique! The rest of the lineup, including Brandon, better come with their A-game now that you're on your way! Lee, I am 46 and I still have my older Brother's issue of Muscle & Fitness (November 1986) when you won the Night of Champions! It's surreal that it is now 34 years later and your son just won his first pro show and is on his way to the O! I can sense your pride!

  4. A complete lookin perfect bodybuilder like Mr O Flex Lewis.
    Developing more sweep in his lower lats like a Franco or an Arnold, for double bi's pose, would look additionally super on this physique.
    Hope he maintains the tempo and goes to much much greater heights of achievements and success. Good luck Hunter !

  5. im no expert, but see my previous comments from the past few months. i always said hunter would break a lot of hearts. i dont think you need to be an npc judge to see that. top 10 at 1st O is not out of the question.

  6. well deserved to this young(ish) gentleman. his manner of speaking, the humble attitude he has toward his training partner (who is just as humble) , inspiring, exemplary. start as you mean to go on, they say. he did and will. congrats. kudos to Bryan for all the work and support he committed.

  7. CONGRATS!!!! I know you guys are the healthiest men on earth..but pls. Wear properly your face mask! We do respect you and your famous family..pls. respect us!!!FELICIDADES

  8. Talking about functional muscle. These behemoths are the opposite of functional muscle. These guys are about as functional as the kids action figures at Walmart, or the 350lb Cheeto eating couch potatoes. But day shore are purdy.


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