In this video, you’ll get private insights on pro bodybuilding from rookie IFBB pro sensation Hunter Labrada and his father, IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada. Join Hunter and Lee as they compare notes on what it’s like entering a pro bodybuilding show competition today, versus the golden era of the ‘80’s. See never before scenes of backstage at an IFBB Pro show.
Then follow Hunter into the gym for a gut-busting, high-intensity chest workout! Watch and learn.

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  1. He has already wrecked his physique. No pretty flow and look to his physique like his Dad. Looks like a bunch of bodyparts slapped together. Probably due to GH and insulin. I would bet his Dad never touched anything along those lines drug wise.

  2. Hunter is legit and also a really good person. He always shares his knowledge, eager to help people improve, and creates an awesome intense atmosphere to train in. With his mass, symmetry and size along with Lee's awesome style of posing, he can bring greatness and class back to bodybuilding. I am looking forward to watching his career progress.

  3. BB mil press 315 for reps? I know thats not a WR, but thats real push power. I have to inhale smelling salts, get slapped in the face, and motorboat Lindsey Pelas just to get a couple reps of that on bench press.


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