Hrithik,Salman,Tiger and John Home Bodybuilding Workout after Closed Gym in Lockdown | Best Tips


  1. सबका अपना अपना तरीका है,,,,, वैसे अक्षय कुमार और विद्युत को तो जिम की भी जरूरत नही,,

  2. Ac मे जिम करके कोई फायदा नही होता,,,,,, धर्मेंद्र तो हॉकि खेलके और खेतोमे हल चला के अपनी बॉडी बनाई इसलिए अब तक जिंदा है… बाकी शराब ने उनको बर्बाद कर दिया

  3. All here are very fit, strong & excellent physically. But how strong & brave are they mentally to come out and support their own colleague & friend SSR ? SSR was just left out to common man/ public to fight for his justice.. That’s the only thing that hurts when I see my favorite actors, they didn’t stand up when needed.

  4. In this whole world my only one and favourite actor is the god of Legendary martial arts name Jeet Kunedo and he is Bruce Lee the great whom no one can defeat he is legend in simple words GOAT ! Great Of All Time

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