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  1. Superbe vidéo Marc. Ca change de voir autre chose que du body et l'avantage du crossfit est de nous rendre bien plus complet / polyvalent.

    Pressé de voir les prochains épisodes 🙂

  2. Stretching before a workout does one of two things. The first thing it does is lower your strength by up to 60% and the second thing it does is increase your risk of injury. The muscles in our body are meant to be elastic by nature, they work effectively and efficiently this way. They endure sudden and quick changes near perfectly, however if you stretch the muscle out and weaken the elasticity it cannot handle equal work loads the same and is vulnerable. I'm not going to argue the benefits to stretching but all stretching should be done after your workout, not before.

  3. Its really good to see the in depth look at the technique and learning from a beginners level because I always see pro's do it but there is no critique. Good job Marc always improving!

  4. Привет Mark)Это отличный выпуск)) я с удовольствием продолжу смотреть эти серии) Есть просьба, сделать субтитры на русском)Спасибо тебе)


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