Mark Wahlberg is a heavyweight actor who loves to lift heavy weights. When it came time to play a bodybuilder in Pain and Gain, he knew exactly what to do. Try his hardcore workouts!
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Wahlberg’s personal trainer, Brian Nguyen, says the action star is far more than a Hollywood hero. In Nguyen’s eyes, Wahlberg is an elite athlete. “He’s changed roles so many times, and each role creates a different starting point,” Nguyen says. “I really respect him for the fact that as an athlete, he’s able to bring himself to that level of intensity … for lack of a better word, to dominate.”

Wahlberg may not have the time, multiple coaches, and locked training schedule of a pro athlete, but Nguyen says that Mark is undeniably part of the pro community. Wahlberg’s mindset makes him a pro, Nguyen says. “You can’t deny mindset,” he explains. “You can’t deny that variable of intensity, commitment, and pride.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to hang with Wahlberg, you’d better prepare for an all-out training assault. We’ve got two brutal muscle-building workouts Nguyen designed to pack slabs of lean muscle on Wahlberg for Pain and Gain. More strength and size are waiting for you at the end of each session, provided you can make it through. Wahlberg won’t quit, but you might want to.

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  1. some of the exercises hes doing are so fu*king stupid shit. Even his form of training, for example the biceps curls, are just wrong. His coach has no idea of supplementation and so on.

  2. Have millions and millions of dollars to wake up to everyday. Have the risk of being out of work if you're not in shape. Have professional trainers and cooks available.
    BOOM you're training like Mark.

  3. Dont understand this. He has horrible form. The exercises he is doing are all with bands or very light weights. They are not intense enough to build or maintain any muscle. There is more chance of being injured in these than becoming strong or good looking. To keep fit, maybe. Plus, its boring. Someone trying to just keep fit may do these.
    Why do stars want to decieve people?

  4. Please, for the sake of the channel, don’t post celebrities videos. They’re not any source of help, motivation or education. These guys have trainers and money.

    How to train like celebrities? Be rich. Have a private chef and trainer. All of us would be in shape.

  5. Work out like a warrior. You will look like one and more importantly, you will be one.
    We used to be a country of fitness enthusiasts until liberalism poisoned minds & bodies with crap.

  6. I'm a fan of mark why not show us what u do even if it's a nice gym and personal trainer everyone starts from somewhere the harder the better story you have and it's nice to get to see what they do and it still comes down to food and work, make the food taste good and make the work fun boom ur there.


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